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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online German_TWISTED SISTERS AND DUMB BROTHERS-Final German version-2007 (German Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with German_TWISTED SISTERS AND DUMB BROTHERS-Final German version-2007 (German Edition) book. Happy reading German_TWISTED SISTERS AND DUMB BROTHERS-Final German version-2007 (German Edition) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF German_TWISTED SISTERS AND DUMB BROTHERS-Final German version-2007 (German Edition) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF German_TWISTED SISTERS AND DUMB BROTHERS-Final German version-2007 (German Edition) Pocket Guide. I have a uncle thats german and he want everything done his way. Just beign around him makes my skin crawl. He does not even clean the house. Hi, I find it frightening that this kind of characteristic mentality still exists. It definitely exists in other parts of the world as well but appears to be quite apparent and general here in Germany. Americans are mostly the same, mostly kind and very generous, albeit a few who are worrisome in terms of being overly religious. Andrew I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Ignoring some of the childish posts of some, there have been many insightful posts, such as Wai Yen and Hans Pansen. Having the good fortune to have married a kind and beautiful German girl, I have experienced the good and bad of Germany. Still if one removes their own nationalistic blinders, all of humanity has faults. I have experienced oberlehrerhaft first hand, and for the most part enjoy laughing at these self appointed keepers of order. Now I have not yet lived in Germany full time, nor do I have an issue not looking physically like one of der volk.

I am sure that is much harder if you are Asian, middle eastern, etc…. So that might color my own perspective and experiences. The Chinese that cut in line. Or whatever aspect of another society that one disagrees with. I have often spoke with my wife and German friends about just this characteristic that disturbs them too.

For most it can be laughed off, but there are some circumstances where such self centered behavior can cause great pain to others, especially if the recipient is a child. Be mindful not only of differences between ourselves and others, but also consider the words chosen, context, and tone of voice when delivering our opinions. Consider what is the point you are trying to make and how effective is you style of delivery when commenting to others. If your insights are just negative and not constructive, you are just expressing in order to make your self feel better even if you falsely claim you are trying to help the recipient by pointing out the error of their ways.

There are many people that cannot tell the differences between the Asian races or the different dialects and heritage our names carry. Perhaps some people should smell themselves carefully before calling people the wrong names and stereotyping all of us who look even a tad bit Asian: We all shower and keep our kids and homes clean. What happened to the purported hygiene and cleanliness? We can all talk about whatever stereotypes or whatever. Even after so many years, we never forgot that day or their faces or the smell of their breaths and of all the people who walked by and pretended not to see.

I cannot hold my loughing reading all the new comments! Few thoughts though are displayed here: Sorry that some of them defended their countries bravely and tried to stop the ruthless cold-blooded heartless and souless people of yours who had no sample fof humanism inside them and tried to concur the whole word thinking that it belongs to them.

Germans are not welcoming at all! U do not believe me? The German people that I met are generally rude of course, I do met 1 or 2 nice ones. Wow…i…when i read all your posts i dont know what to say…Well im a German girl…im 18 years old and i …. I mean which person living on this planet was never rude? Do you think that everyone is rude by aim? Im not sure but often i think all the people ant accept that know it is another generation …the world war is over since many years. It hurt to feel that there is a comparison between our great-grandparents which most of us never met and us.

Im not proud that there was this stupid man in germany and tought he was the absolute king…PLEASE forget all those things..

If the Germans would be so bigoted would they pick a woman as chancellor? I have the idea that these things are caused by a deeply felt insecurity, that drives them to find hold outside themselves. Yes, we are technically proficient, but that is no excuse to insult others or make Americans feel unwelcome. And staring at people, I find that to be typically German. They copy all concepts from USA and they act like they invented it all.

I love other countries and so it is even more sadly to hear such things….. Im sad that there are germans who were rude adverse you… greetings Jessica P. I came here under a search on google: I am aghast as are all others at this workplace at the way these people are. The man and his wife are sickening with how they feel that all americans are idiots even the people with high MD degrees! The man is so ugly with his gross fat head and iccky hair all long and balding. The woman, oh my gosh, shocking…wears hideous clothing and says such rude things to people. It is strange how they can act this way as they are lucky to have a job.

These people do not believe in serving customers needs with any sense of urgency or respect for the way their actions affect our accounts. They are horrid to be around. They revert to their gross sounding german language all the time in mixed company, and then get all freaked out if someone speaks spanish…well assholes, we are in california…so get real! I suppose that rudeness and grouchiness must be contagious to a certain extent.

If the majority of your fellow citizens keeps treating you like shit, e. I have found that Germans are often very much surprised and grateful for unexpected kindliness, probably because it breaks that cycle of rudeness. Maybe if it happens often enough, people will stop resigning and start do the same. Maybe if it happens often enough, people will stop resigning and start do the same on their own. Germans especially the ones in the East Potsdam for example are stuck in a post communistic nightmare. The five rule on how to make a society amoral and rude and selfcentred.

They seek only to blame and excuse their past and complain about mm and how their clothes should be folded. Anal retentive and frankly I never give them sympathy having fallen for that trick before. See they all seem to think thet they are owed something from us Auslanders. When in plain view they havent gotton over the dehumanising process. That is why east German failed and the Russians got sick of these people Prussians with mixed blood and superiority complex.

SO get critical not analitical. We really dont wish to know the surface area and pye of a bunch of washing. I know some people there, they are extremely nice nad friendly. Of course we see redheaded people, all the time, they go shopping like everyone, they live in our neighbourhood, they are normal people among every other normal person. And dont tell me we are rude. I think everybody must have his own picture of us. Is that an official statistic? Yes, most people are cold, bitter and rude.

However once you get to know some of them you will see that they are also racist. Not all of them - I will admit I also met fantastic Germans - but most of them will tell you bad things about turks and asians once you gain their trust. This is something I cannot live with, racists are the scum of the universe. It makes it really easy to see though why not so long ago some guy with a square mustache slaughtered millions of people without anyone really minding it. I also noticed another thing. German men tend to be overly frustrated and generally shy and even in clubs they will mostly stay in corners or at the bar and chat amongst themselves.

Another thing that I noticed in bars and clubs is young punks are pushing their limits. I never give in to their provocations, but man are they pushing it. I lived in germany for a year, my girfriend is german… She is a happy camper… I felt on average the people were cold and miserable.

They push in line but come on fat???? I am an American university student currently studying in Bayern. Anyways, I find this discussion interesting to say the least. I know that there is nothing I can say to brush off the American stereotypes that half of you have already assumed of me… and that is wrong. Just in the same way it is wrong to judge any individual based solely on the culture from which he comes. Is it true that Americans are often arrogant, ignorant, annoying, or lazy?

Is it true that Germans are often arrogant, rude, and self-centered? I have seen both! But, no matter how I currently feel about German culture, I cannot allow myself to criticize it while refusing to criticize America. I am very frustrated at my inability to adapt to this culture. But that is my problem, not theirs. There must be an understanding in that every culture holds different values… and the inability to at least understand this concept leads to these heated attacks on both sides.

As Americans, we value our politeness… but lets be honest, we value it to an extent far beyond necessary. As a student in Germany, who is majoring in German…. We are both wrong, and the inability to comprehend this is what causes these ignorant macho-debates that never lead anywhere. If you are, they are not the only ones with racist feelings.

But anyway, this site is not about racism. And if there is such a common thread to the feelings foreigners have about Germans, the Germans should stop justifying it and telling us what they think they are like and start doing something about the perception that other people have of them.

What is wrong with these people? Havent the Germans learnt their lesson in the second world war? Germans are so object orientated They place more importance to how clean the car is or their lawn, then how they look. They would go out looking like beggers. No sense of fashion what so ever, but thats ok if the car they are driving is spotless clean…. HELLO When you go to a restaurant to have a nice meal, the waiters seem as if they are giving you a favour by speaking with you..

Did any of the english speaking people here, who are so angry with germany, because ALL the people are so rude, consider their own behaviour? Why have you assumed that they come into restaurants and just start speaking English? The resentment expressed here is a big part of the problem. English has become an international language, not just the language of a particular country. Being defensive about this is just a way of avoiding discussing the real issue here, i. I have been living in Germany for 5 months now, and everyday that goes by I regret more and more about coming here to study.

In 5 months I have not been able to make a single friend or acquaintance, even though I have gone through great lenghts to try to accomplish it, like getting tandem partners, living with other Germans and downright talking to strangers in social settings. I have even met some girls and gone out on dates with them. It is dissapointing to be treated so bad everywhere in the city, people are quick to point out your mistakes and laugh at you or scold you because of them. I was quickly categorized as ignorant. Small things like that.

People seem to be bitter and dislike foreigners. A moment of happiness for me quickly turned into a dissapointment when I found and bought a Corona beer in a bar and tried the latin Salud! You are in Germany, you have to learn to say Prost! Not to mention talking trash about Corona and why German beers are superior. In my experience, Germans have no sense of humor, are selfish, arrogant, rude and are incapable of having fun or taking things lightly.

And they always have an excuse for their behavior. If someone says that cashiers treat you like crap, then it is because they are pressured to be efficient. People look at me very strange when I get up of my seat in the tram to give it to an old person that just got in. Of course I have met nice Germans, but sadly the negative experiences outweight the positive ones.

Some of you do have some points. Germans have had a hard history, they have commited some crimes and that influences their psyche, not to mention the food and weather. I am myself South American. Hell, the capitol city of my country is full of such people, even worse, in fact. This is Germany, and in Germany you speak German. If you miss your perfect people so much, then go back and stop complaining all the time about Germans. You fail to integrate. Integrate and be a bit cold, so you can survive.

I have lived in Germany for 2 years and even though I am kind of asocial, I have met some interesting people. You just need to find people who share your ideas. Hey Michael, this place is to freely voice opinions, not one to attack one another! Show some maturity and be respectful. You can talk about your experience but not attacking other posters. You are NOT right saying germans are soooo object orientated. That mite have come out wrong. Do germans know that you can be nice and humanistic orientaed without looking superficial???

I couldnt care less if your house or car is perfectly clean and shiny…If you havent the basic human interaction skills, that makes all the countries in the world worth visiting and living…Than there is something psychologically wrong with theese people….. Completely right, Germans tend to defend their attitude by saying that they are straight forward. And in this time and day in the world, it is important to preserve all the niceties.

We are humans with feelings. When you call customer service with a problem you need an empathetic person on the other side of the phone line, not some rude person like in Germany… and the worst thing is that in Germany you have to PAY for calling customer service. Why spread bitterness and sadness? If you ask a german about your new shoes, he would not tell you the truth, that he does not like them.

Germans are just often pissed off by the pressure in their job and the shitty government. If they come too late to work because the bus were too late, they are afraid to get fired, so they are getting angry by slow busses. Therefore they accept all the foreign people turks, arabs, russian,… who are living here, but they dont like them. If they wouldnt be here germans would be alot more nice and polite to foreign visitors. I am sorry, but how old are you?

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You sound more immature than I do. The same goes to the other guy. Why should I write my real name? Like all latin cultures. I think all people are the same. I was reading this post just out of curiosity, I agree and disagree with some posters, but your case really stands out. Pal, you just dug yourself deep. You are just making it worse by saying stupid things like that about latinamerican cultures. You are just coming off as ignorant and a biggot, and against your own people, which is even more pathetic. I recommend you get yourself some education or at least do some research in wikipedia about latin cultures.

Or travel extensively, as I have done provided you are worthy of a visa. Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico are great countries, for example, if you take the time to know them and learn from them, not just judge them because you saw some sensationalist news in the media or went there for 3 days. And after you study enough, then get a job and buy yourself a clue.

So I guess you just want to be superior by association, not by own merit. Like here in the states, with white kids pretending to be african americans. But you know what? If I ever met and american who did the same you are doing, I would beat the living poop out of him for disrespecting our country. Guys please shut down this forum, it is pointless to try to show to the Germans how meshed up they are cause they simply do not understand at all what is going on in the rest of the world. Trust me, they think that they know everything better than anybody else.

I know more about latin cultures than you do.

I am not a poser. I never wanted to be a German or an European for that matter. Latinos are not my people. There is no Latin folk or race. You are more fascist than the Germans houhou has met, since you have problems accepting other opinions. Are you still in Germany? If it is so bad, you may leave. There are bad people everywhere but I can guarantee you that Germans feel your despise towards them and react to it.

Sigue escribiendo, tu ignorancia es muy obvia con lo que escribes. Oh, and so the other posters can get this: Por la boca muere el pez. And so that you know: No two countries share the same culture. Each has a special one. Tu espanol no es perfecto. Si, no uso tildes pues mi portatil es Aleman.

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Naci y vivi por anos en Latinoamerica. Como puedes decir que tu, un Canadiense, sabe mas sobre cultura Latina que yo? Does that make you feel smarter? Go learn your Spanish before you claim you know more about the so-called Latin culture than a native Spanish speaker. You have to be mentally impaired to want each person to agree with you and your dumb latino-friendly tattles.

You are in a safe place. I understand why you say the things you say. I will not fight with you anymore. At the end of the day, we are all humans. Do we have a fair share of assholes in this country? Are there a lot of things which are plainly wrong in present day Germany? You bet, and only a completely disillusioned moron would disagree with that one. But some of the comments here make me simply cringe. The thing is that a lot of the issues told here by expats or students-abroad are NOT Germany specific, they occur pretty much everywhere you go to in this world.

The question is only how you will react to it, which entirely depends on your perspective. Just as an example: While working in Adelaide quite a few years ago, I found Sydney to be inhabited by a bunch of obnoxious, overbearing bastards - all to the contrary of the rest of Australia. I never had so many perceivingly rude encounters through all of my two years down under than in that particular city. In recent years I went back and - guess what - I quite liked it. In between of my last two visits, I spent 1 year in LA and 1.

Compared to these two, Sydney is warm and welcoming beyond belief. The same is often true for Germany: Another one, London born and raised, simply loves it here because it is so relaxed compared to home sic! But one thing about the rudeness against foreigners; if you watch the behavior of some tourists you should at least consider the possibility that this does reflect on all of you. If one US tourist screams at a waitress in English because if you say it louder they will eventually understand, right?

In the aftermath he was complaining about the humorless Germans imply that all English people are intolerable pricks? No But in a lot of cases, a lot of expats just lay down in the bed made by these people - even if it is unfair. I am glad we could sort out the differences in our opinions. Have a nice day. We are kinda rude but we got used to it! We gotta learn how to deal with strangers… e. Obviously there are some nice Germans.

They are usually well travelled and may have lived outside Germany for several years and therefore are not typically German. These Germans are tolerant,open-minded and nice to foreigners. Germany is such a vast country and i have had different experiences in different places. I think Germans are generally tend to be nicer in Cologne, Bonn and parts of east Germany and seem to be a little more laid back and open-minded.

However i live in a small city in the south of Germany and i have to say i am unimpressed by the rudeness, coldness and definitely the racism of these cold-hearted, narrow minded Swabians, who have never travelled outside of their little village,let alone another country. The interesting thing is that the nice Germans i know who are from Northern Germany feel the same about the Swabians! However i personally thik Northern Germans are way nicer! I am a full blood german! Yes we germans have attitude problems here and there, but we are not rude.

And that girl happens 2 be my girlfriend. We are talking about experiences with Germans while we are living in Germany. That is not a valid sample. If I think Germans are rude? Yes, from an american standpoint definitely. But,our cultures are just not the same.

When i first came to the U. S, I would be totally surprised when people in the supermarket or in school walked up to me saying: It took me some time to figure out, that those people were just following the common decency and didnt actually want to know how I was. People made fun of my accent, like I was retarded though they wouldnt be able to pronounce a single word in german correctly. I adapted to the American way of life, and though i did certainly not think everything was all that great, I accepted it and had a great time.

If you go to another country, YOU have to make an adaption, not the locals. But you know what is rude too? Joe, you were in high school. Kids in high school are jerks, everywhere.

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But how did adults treat you? I have read all comments, and like everything else…there are great great things in Germany, as well as really bad. I have been here quite a few years, I am married to a German citizen, my husband commes from Stuttgart. Trying to be really objectiv, I really want to say that arriving here changed totally my perspective and oppinion from Germany in a very negative way. I love my husband, and I must say there a many Germans like him who are really nice and friendly, specially when you meet them in America, Spain etc…or have travelled a lot.

They also have my oppinion one of the best political systems, and they really care about Nature etc.. I have heard many negativ comments from Germans about foreigners,must of them have terrible comments…they say about Americans: I live in a town that has German businesses. They visit the town from time to time. When they speak their voice sounds very analytical.

They are polite, but they are also very honest, which in America is perceived as rude. I don t think thar you really know anything about germans. I was born in Germany. First generation kid of Baltic immigrants. There were quite a few issues that drove me out of DE 25 years ago. Anal thoroughness and perfectionism that leaves very very little tolerance for error. Now you might say the British or the Swiss also have a tendency to anal retentiveness. Think of the English lawn or Swiss precision watches. Certain fundamental rules to be taught at home which make human interaction smoother and simpler are often excluded.

To the point that they seem to be more interested in the life of others than their own. Many Germans seem to get a kick out of making simple things complicated. They often lack a lightness in handling trivial daily things. In making too much effort they come out clumsy.

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By doing so they leave too little space for imagination. This kind of mentality is also reflected in their commercials. It begins where standing in queue is happily replaced with some sort of infantile darwinian struggle and ends on the autobahn where the right of the faster is expected to prevail… actually not necessarily the faster. I think that enforcing your right and expect others to obey will do.

It seemed to me that Germans may actually all hate each other. Well that might be right for the most part, like everywhere else in the world. The difference though is that they can be so bloody convincing, threatening and relentless when they want to screw you over. Most of the time with no hope of an amicable compromise.

It can go as far as that it would be considered extortion in other countries. All you can do is either bend over or call your solicitors - if you can afford them…. Despite of it all I still have a few mates in Germany who are cool people. I could never live there anymore though.

I have been here in Germany for two years now, and I can say quite a lot about the German Culture since my girlfriend is also German. In the end Its not about seing which country is the perfect and which isnt. Its about trying to make the best of where ever you are living…. I am Italian born in Ireland and lived in England now in Germany. I always try to find the best of what the country offers, and in Germany there are loads of cool things to do. You just have to have patience when some German dude may seem rude to you. In many ocasions I have experienced people being rude to me, and I have explained myself.

Also we need to let people who have been in the second world war a second chance.. The only way that works for me living here is to actually share my opinion with German people and tell them that it doesnt work that way in other countries… They can then decide if they still wanna be rude or not…. I came to Germany with a positive attitude. But living here has really changed my mind. The only Germans i have met who are nice lived abroad or travelled alot and are therefore tolerant to foreigners. Any other type of German are incredibly rude and so highly strung about the slightest thing.

They generally seem to be a control freak nation. In terms of all the bureaucracy, i find it hilarious because there is so much laws for stupid things but not for important things like law and order, i. I thought to myself where is the law here, especially since Germany is obsessed with law. It was a truly frightful and dangerous experience with no ign of the polizei. Also i teach here. I was appalled how appalling their education system is. In my country, you would never ever have more than one such kid with severe problems in your class.

My experience here in Germany has led me to believe that your educational system is worse than the third world. The German education system does not give a damn about kids with learning disabilities, behavioural disorders and no language support for foreigners. It is a very cruel predjudiced education system. Germans are just a straight forward people who are proud about their culture and language and i think they have all the right about that. Now from my point of view, let me put it this way…Germans who are Authentic Germans are a very nice, like to help others, classy people, on the contrary Germans who are not authentic Germans.

But I should say I hate Hitler because he was messed up in the head and I see wht you hate these people but get a life and be nice!!!!!!!!! You peole are just as rude as they are so stop and think. Would you like it if people made fun of you because you white or black or spanish????? You all are just as rascis as them german people. My dad and grandmother are german. So stop and think before you write!

Wow - some people really get worked up about this topic! I have a German and an American citizenship and I keep it like this: Wie es in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es wieder hinaus! I sometimes get upset about rude Germans, too, but appearently not enough to start hating all of them! Im originally from Iran and live here in Germany for over 26 years. Germans are the rudest people ive ever seen and quite unfriendly. Sometimes you walk over a red traffic light some of the Germans look at you like retards and tell you that its not ok to do that because the children are waiting too.

The children shouldnt see me walking when the traffic lights are red? So what happens if they see me? So a child shouldnt be responsible for its own actions because i can be blamed if it gets hit by a car only by walking over the street? Are these Germans crazy?

And why Germans always think they are intelligent? The Germans dont know a shit of their own history or culture. They only drink beer and watch soccer. They dont read a book or the newspaper. Today i wanted to buy an ice cream. So she told the Italian ice cream seller not to make so much ice cream in a waffle.

Why not going to a gas station and buying an ice cream because there she can choose how big her ice should be instead of going on the nerves of other people. Why are Germans always behaving like fools? And why is their car driving so much aggressive that you must fear to death crossing the street? What about old people want to cross the street? And why Germans are always staring at other people if they have a different clothing style? I want to leave this country as soon as i can because im really pissed on.

I want to live in the USA where people behaving like human beings. I cant even express my hate for them! I hate them so so so much.. They are very racist and stupid as well as mean. All Iranians are religious fanatics who read the Quran and believe in the Hadiths only. They flog their wives and hang gay people on a mobile crane but actually they are all heroine addicted! I preferably be a religious Iranian who is fanatic than be part of the atheist small - minded beer drinking German nation.

If German people would flog their wives they wouldnt be such men - commanding bitches like they are now. The liberal anglo saxon countries will appreciate you much much more than we intolerant and rude Germans do. We need you and your shitty goat fucker religion foundet by a hold-up murdering pederast as much as fistulas on our assholes! You seem to be an antisemitic and racist German. Why is it that you Germans always hate the rest of the world? I am proud of our prophet Mohammed and i think you have nothing to be proud of because your Germany sucks!

By the way your soccer sucks too because you Germans lost against Serbia. Even the US - Team is playing a better soccer than Germany. We dont need you Germans in the world because you and your bitchy sluts are crazy. Go eat Sauerkraut with Bratwurst! My uncle is german there was a birthday party across the street.

He almost whent over there even though he was not invited. You dont crash anyone party especialy when your not invited. German are very very rude they think that everyone ows them. I think they know they are rude and they just dont care. I would not be surprised if someone gets into a fight with a german because they are rude. I am a Dutch person i. Germany only exists as a state since , before it was a collection of many little countries.

This is still noticeable today: I live in the north where the people are at first friendly and polite, but at a distance. It takes some time before you really make contact, but then you have a friend for life. Service in shops is much better than in Holland. In contrast to the Netherlands, shop personal really know a lot about what they are selling and are very helpful.

Over-organisation, perfectionism, too strong respect for rules and authority also happens here, but less than in the rest of Germany. I have the idea that these things are caused by a deeply felt insecurity, that drives them to find hold outside themselves. I am not quit sure where this comes from. My experiences with Americans have been less positive. Their exaggerated friendliness proved insincere, they were overly confident, but in the end proved incompetent.

It was all outside presentation, but no content. But of course Dutch people are the best ;- We are like a more relaxed version of the Germans: Capable, but with social skills. Perfectionistic, but in a pragmatic way. In Germany I have been at many parties where I was not personally invited. This was always welcomed especially if I brought some beer.

Maybe your uncle thought his neighbours in America? I also walk through red traffic lights when I think it is safe. But I understand the German point. Children are not yet capable of estimating if it is safe to cross when the light is red. So for them it is better just to cross the road when the light is green. If they however see a lot of adults ignoring this rule, they will follow this example.

I have spent couple of years in Germany and have made some positive experiences also with Germans I have met abroad , but in certain situations I find them cold and even rude. I did not have too much luck with German roommates for example. A year ago, I was sharing a two bedroom apartment with a German guy in Berlin. He has been renting the apartment for three years and and all of sudden three months after I moved in, he decided to give up the lease and move in with his girlfriend in another flat. In an e-mail, I was asked to start looking for a new place immediately and informed, that he had arranged for people to come see the apartment in the next days, without being specific, when exactly I have to move out: I had a lot of luggage, was writing my thesis, hardly knew anyone in the city and did not have too much time to organise things so fast.

After an argument with him, when I asked him to be more specific when I have to move out, he knocked on my door and requested to see my passport!!! His face full of hatred and mistrust, because a woman has possibly never contradicted him before. He insisted that I make a color copy of the first page of my passport and give it to him, in case I would leave without giving him the keys back, or in case I would cause some damage to the apartment. I have always been polite and respectful with him, and did nothing to make him feel I can get mad or act immaturely.

Three days before the end of the month, when we both agreed I will move out, he started moving furniture out of the kitchen and my room, because it was convenient for him to rent a truck on that particular day. The day I submitted the keys: My advice for people sharing or subletting apartments in Germany temporary even if you move in with acquaintances or people who appear laid back and friendly in the beginning , is to always request to sign a formal or more informal contract at the very beginning, so that the arrangements are clear for both sides.

Andrei, if you are german then you are proving that you are rude. I agree not all germans are rude. EVERY race has there rude people. You are one of them, and i will have to say your racist as well. This thread is at the same time hilarious and sad. Then again, teenagers everywhere are loud, rude, and annoying. Frederick, I agree completely. There are several good points here but as an American coming to Germany, I have seen funny rudeness that you can laugh off, and flat out rude Germans who need to chill out.

People will walk right into you and do not pay attention to where they are going. Once they run into you, they give you the evil look. I think that Germans are clean, hardworking, and repectful people. In World War 2, American soldiers liked being with the Germans the most because the Germans seemed most like the Americans. People always think of Germans as the big evil people, but thats not true. World War 1 was started by an assassination of a Austrian leader, and Germany was allies with Austria, so they protected them from the people who assassinated their leader.

Also, World War 2 was started by an Austrian dictator. And German people would clean up debris from destroyed towns right away in World War 2, rather than waiting a few days like the French. Take it as a metaphor — before you act, think with your own head instead of just believing regulations. It is true that Germans have a strong tendency to belittle others and even themselves.

I am afraid its true? I have been an expat in Bayern for the last year. I have to say some of the attitude is alarming? I have to report that some are so rude and insensative? Its quite unbelievable how people can behave. Especialy at birthdays and times where practicle demonstrations of affection are required? This has nothing to do with germans behavior, but on my many travels to Germany fortunately never lived there, and nor do I ever want to I have noticed that the way germans prioritize many things is completely fucked up and irrationel. In the city of Hamburg they wont spend any money on clearing the sidewalks from snow and ice during the winther.

This makes walking and bicycling - since they also have to drive right on the sidewalk extremely difficult and uncomfortable, with a very high risk of slipping and breaking some bones. Needless to say that it costs a fortune to keep it all so clean like I would give a fuck about clean tiles and floors such places when people were slipping on the sidewalks and hurting themselves all the time. I find a higher percentage of Germans to be rude, aggressive, arrogant and impatient, over the smallest of things, when compared to other countries.

Couple this to a very, almost freakily, conformist society and it takes some adjustment getting used to living here. For example, I went to a Tyre shop for some work recently and by simple misunderstanding drove my car into one of the workshop bays. Germans always finds something wrong if your not german. If you are german then they find nothing wrong. They are very controlling and they are nosey and they get very upset very easily. I hope US and UK never gives back their sovereignty. I am german and I think it is true: Germans generally are rude, racist, narrow-minded and they dont give a shit about other peoples feelings.

And to the guy above me: Do you know where most of the Angles and Saxons live? Please send me a picture with your face finding out ; BTW how many people got killed in the name of your country? It was really worth the time. Thank you so much, Internet ;. There are prejudices which are not right. You wrote that Germans are generally bad.

energiepolitik und energienachfrage german edition Manual

Okay… I could tell you something about unfriendly American, Englands an Co. The most Americans and Englands are nice to us. We try to be nice. We grew up in Germany and lived in this day-to-day-life. Can I do anything for you? Which opens the door for you. Every time charming and nice and perfect… like in your books, what wie read a lot.

But are you charming all the time? Can say without I met you that you are sometimes not nice. Your basic setting is that we are terrible. Yes, sometimes, but the time bevor years is over, guys! Our country is tollerant, but supicious, too. We are to try to get to the bottom of the things. Sometimes too much, but better than we would be so silly an blind and would look away. AND… A lot of people have no Mercedes. This are this words meaning.

Some are nice and intelligent. Some are nice an silly. Some are arrogant and intelligent, some are arrogant an silly. Do you know, how it is if you look in the internet and there is written that your country is the worst on world? Because the Americans are not the best, also when they are the most influantial on world. But there are a lot of wrong things.

Forget the time with Hitler. The most people, which lived in this time are dead. And we are a new generation which has no guilt. We live among the shout that we were all nazis. What shall I say? We are like you. We could look in your past and see how you medicated your slaves at the time in this you had slaves. But you are a new generation, too. When we think of the Americans, we see New York. We see the president Obama. He stands for tolerant and equity. If the Germans would be so bigoted would they pick a woman as chancellor? Frau Merkel is the first woman in this department.

Okay, I should calm down me. Is your opinion of course. And if you just noticed what look you want, then I can not help you. There are good and bad sides. But the good we see mostly only when you look closely. We do not know everything about you, but you can not claim to know Germany in full, even if you have lived there for a few months. After all, who grew up there, is inaugurated praktsich.

Your comments are mostly weird, German girl. We are not talking about Hitler or what happened 65 years ago. WE are talking about Germany today. And the Germans are not tolerant people. Your chancellor Angela Merkel is the worst person on earth. She is corrupt and her politics are crazy. She spends billions of dollars for the banking sector and at the same time she cuts retirement pay for unemployed people and raises taxes. She gets donations from the banks and thats why she gives bailouts just for the banking sector.

Your government is corrupt and shame on you Hannah that you are trying to talk about slaves in America. You know nothing about the USA and thats why you better keep your mouth closed. And you know everything about Germany? We Germans are the bad and therefore you know everything about us, while we know nothing about you?

Not shame on me, no, the other way! You live here too. We thank you not a thousand times, but we can rely on. Okay, too much generalized. Short conversation with my mother. My friend Belma welcome. Lara, Anna, Neele welcome. See when the bus arrives. Far too full, as always.

We walk through the corridors to our classroom. Although portraying and having someone in the film label the young adult as "monster," the filmmakers actually, author Thomas Harris really made him more of a sympathetic character instead.

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They took the easiest road, out, too, making an easy target the villains: What we get is a revenge story of how Lector went from a child captive of the Nazis for a short time, to a medical student in Paris and how he tracked down the Nazis who killed the rest of his family. Of particular incentive to him was the avenging of his sister's death. There is a neat little twist at the ending regarding that but I go into that for spoiler reasons. The best part of the film was the absolutely gorgeous cinematography. This is beautifully filmed, first frame to last.

The story is much better in the second half than the first, which has a few parts in which it lags. I'm not quite sure about the credibility of having an Asian aunt raise him, but I also enjoy seeing actress Gong Li. Her relationship with young Hannibal is a strange one. Gaspard Ulliel as Hannibal was okay but certainly not as riveting in the role as the mature Anthony Hopkins was in his three performances. Why a young French actor, who has all the accents that Hopkins doesn't have, would play the role, I don't know.

Overall, I'm glad I saw it but, unlike the three other Hopkins' "Lector films," this is one I won't add to my movie collection. However, at least I learned what the most tasty part of the human anatomy is, not that I would ever put that information to use! Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Horror Titles on Amazon Video. My Favorite Horror Productions. Share this Rating Title: Hannibal Rising 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Learn more More Like This. The Silence of the Lambs Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Young Hannibal Gaspard Ulliel Hannibal Lecter Li Gong Mischa Lecter Richard Leaf Father Lecter Dominic West Inspector Popil Rhys Ifans Vladis Grutas Michelle Wade Enrikas Dortlich Martin Hub Mother Lecter Kevin McKidd Petras Kolnas Joerg Stadler Zigmas Milko Ivan Marevich