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Tennessee women 3 - Louisville vs. Kentucky 4 - HOPE vs. Cincinnati 6 - Indiana vs. Purdue 7 - Philadelphia's "Big 5" 8 - Illinois vs. I adored Jay too. The Rivalry was fun, smart, and sexy AF. Nov 19, Carlene Inspired rated it it was amazing. I had to read The Rivalry, Nikki Sloane never does anything halfway so I knew this new release from her would be amazing.

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The Rivalry puts every other Sports Romance to shame, with main characters Kayla and Jay the best kind of sports fanatics. My boyfriend is all about Michigan, so opening up a book about the great Michigan and Ohio State rivalry was the best. On top of that, the characters, setting, the sports was all so perfectly college. That's right, it reads just like a college aged romanc I had to read The Rivalry, Nikki Sloane never does anything halfway so I knew this new release from her would be amazing. That's right, it reads just like a college aged romance and that made it even better.

I was caught up from the very first page, another wedding attendee turned spectator in the affair Kayla and Jay have as Kayla deals with her hatred towards Jay's school. It's all so over the top, think of college football playoff season times ten. They share scorching hot chemistry and a love of sports with one another, but they don't know how much they truly share until the rivalry between their schools is uncovered. Kayla is a die hard fan, a cheerleader for the school where her father coached and her mother birthed her.

Jay's a football player for the number one football team in college currently, but the rivalry is a small thing compared to his feelings for Kayla. As they try to get past the rivalry, and deal with the fall out of other's finding out, they discover that sometimes sports really can get in the way of happily ever after.

Like, down by seven points, fourth-and-long and no timeouts, dire. It made the dialogue engaging, you never knew what would come from Kayla's mouth, and together they really do make a perfect couple. I found myself caught up in both the romance and in the sports. Nikki Sloane gets into the practices, the classes, and the football games that both characters are involved in.

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I truly became invested in the rivalry and in the relationship, rooting for the team I wanted to win, but more than that, rooting for the characters to make it work. I couldn't put this book down and honestly, I want more of Jay and Kayla. It's the first sports romance book that's been released in a while that felt accurate and kept my attention from beginning to end. It was engaging, funny, romantic, and truly a sports romance. It's a must read, probably my favorite sports romance of all time now.

It wasn't too much fluff or too much sports, Nikki Sloane really wrote it just right. You'll want to meet Kayla and Jay, but don't forget to pick sides! ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. That was the first thoughts that came to mind when I finished this story. It was an amazing sports romance, especially for a football fan like myself. The details given throughout made everything more realistic and drew me in to the storyline. The premise was interesting with two people from rivaling colleges meeting and being mentally, emotionally, and physically attracted to each other.

Their many interactions with each other as well as friends and family while trying t Fantastic freaking book. Their many interactions with each other as well as friends and family while trying to navigate the new relationship and individual responsibilities were sometimes funny, very often steamy, and sometimes emotional. But it was always good. Kayla was so relateable as I can hear some of her same thoughts and phrases passing through my mind as I watch football.

Jay was pretty much perfection. And his few moments of imperfection were just part of the overall loveable package. I can't wait to get my hands on more books by Nikki Sloane because if they are any near as good as this one, she's got a new auto buy fan in me. Jul 05, Tzelina rated it really liked it. I really like it!! It was a fun, hot, quick read!! Sep 25, mich rated it liked it Shelves: I like reading NA sports books but I always set my expectations low when reading NA books - so this one ended up being better than expected!

This book was pretty fun, although it got a little cheesy at one point, and some parts were kinda dumb. But overall I thought this was decent. This was my first time with this author and I'd try more from her. Apr 02, Nadine rated it it was ok Shelves: After 6 months I can wholeheartedly say that I won't finish this book. Not in this lifetime. That's a pity, though, because I really like the basic idea, the dialogues are great and I love the H. What really sucked, though? I've already forgotten her name but I know that I hated her with all my heart. Imagine the most unpleasant woman in the world and you know what we're talking about here.

She was vain, arrogant, loudmouthed, unsympathetic and totally insane. Just because he's playing for a team she doesn't like, she acts like a bitchy idiot. He deserves a medal for dealing with her crap. This could've been a blast but this idiot aka the h destroys the whole story. View all 3 comments. Feb 06, Nicole P rated it liked it Shelves: I like Nikki Sloane. I like the steam and fan-myself moments in all of her books. I was ready to commit murder!

So the title pretty much sums up what the main bone of contention is going to be between the two MCs - a rivalry. Not knowing much about football I found myself Googling the two schools used in this book. Kayla comes from OSU.

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She's the captain of the cheerleader squad. Jay comes from Michigan. He is their star linebacker. When they mee I like Nikki Sloane. When they meet at a wedding they immediately connect. Height differences be damned, the chemistry between them was flammable. Eventually they find out they attend rival schools and Jay was okay with that.

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She took it to the extreme. My frustration with her made me hate her and want to strangle her. The lies and avoidance made her pathetic and not worthy of Jay who was just great. So much so that I made him a member of my Book Boyfriend Club. Kayla can go suck it. Nov 30, Blessie Mischievous Reads rated it it was amazing. Hilarious, adorable and super sexy! Can we get a sequel, pretty please? Nov 30, Paula rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really loved this one!

So funny and sexy! Originally posted on Undeniably Book Nerdy: Michigan--greatest college football rivalry EVER 2 my favorite trope: You know there's gonna be some sneaking around, and 3 it's by Nikk Originally posted on Undeniably Book Nerdy: You know there's gonna be some sneaking around, and 3 it's by Nikki Sloane--love her writing style and you know she can turn the steam all the way UP.

The Rivalry

I hyped this book way up and I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. Michigan aka "The Game" game having contractions and about to pop out Kayla, but she's in the stands cheering for OSU and yelling insults at Michigan, which really illustrates how much Kayla's family lives and breathes football and that they take the rivalry to heart. Fast forward years later and Kayla is now in her senior year of college and she's head cheerleader for Ohio State and knows more about sports than any guy--so much more that she actually made one of her dates cry after he got into it with her about some football maneuver.

So, at her friend Marcy's wedding, Marcy challenged her to not talk sports for the night and Kayla being the competitive girl that she was, agreed. Then, she met Jay Harris--tall, athletic build, sexy, the best kisser--and they hit it off. It wasn't until later that Kayla found out that she had been making out with the enemy, but the real problem was that despite knowing Jay plays for Michigan Kayla was very much attracted to him and vice versa.

And the story takes off from there First, let me talk about Jay Harris because he is my favorite character in The Rivalry. He was just so damn swoon worthy.

The Rivalry may refer to the following: Sports[edit]. Calvin–Hope men's basketball rivalry, between the Calvin College Knights and the Hope College Flying. The Rivalry is an independent, collaborative design studio. Together we create engaging experiences with clients who champion the potential of design.

The rivalry didn't nearly bother him as much as Kayla did, because while he was loyal to his team, he's from Indiana and can separate himself from the craziness, which I really appreciated. Jay knows he's good looking, but he's not cocky about it. He's looking for more than sex, for someone who likes him for more than his position on the field.

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Jay had a good head on his shoulders, good relationship with his parents I love it when characters have good relationship with their parents , and an all-around good guy. And all that is why Jay is my new book boyfriend and I freaking love him. Now, as for Kayla. No lie there were times when I wanted to give her a good shake. This girl lives and breathes OSU and takes the rivalry between the school way seriously and because of that she pushed Jay away.

But, besides that Kayla is also a great character. She's a firecracker, not afraid to say it how it is, and loyal to her friends. I also really appreciated that her best friend and roommate is a guy, Chuck. No, he's not gay and they are in no way attracted to each other--they are just best friends. Yay for a straight guy and girl being strictly friends. She also has a great relationship with her parents and brother, which is a quality I love in a character.

There were times when Kayla irritated me, but overall I liked her character a lot too. I really liked that Nikki Sloane used real schools and a real life rivalry to set her story in, which made it more fun because I can look these two schools up and be able to immerse myself in all things OSU and Michigan.

And I learned that "The Game" this year will be this coming Saturday, November 25th and I'm totally planning to watch it--me, who have no interest in sports at all is planning to catch a football game thanks to The Rivalry. It was plenty steamy too, just like I knew Nikki Sloane can make it. The sexin' wasn't dark and taboo like it was in Torrid and Sordid--if you'd read those The Rivalry was vanilla compared to those two.

But, Kayla and Jay were hot in their own way. Also, since there's a huge height difference between the two of them Jay being the big and tall football player that he is and Kayla being the tiny cheerleader who goes on top of the pyramid , there were some funny moments with them trying to maneuver to make up for it. This book was sexy and fun! This is Kayla and Jay's story. Kayla bleeds red and white. She is a die hard Ohio State fan. Her father was a football coach there and her mother a football fanatic as well.

Kayla has continued the legacy and is the head cheerleader at the university. She happens to meet a really great guy, Jay, at her friend's wedding. Sparks fly between them Jay plays football for Michigan, Ohio State's bitterly 4 stars.

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Kayla has continued the legacy and is the head cheerleader at the university. The Rivalry centers around the infamous rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan. Jay is not a star player for nothing. The more help, the more fun everyone will have and the more we can do for Lunch Break. And I'm also happily eating my words

Jay plays football for Michigan, Ohio State's bitterly hated rival. Kayla is determined to stay away from Jay, but he doesn't see the rivalry as that big of a deal.

He pursues her and that's where the fun begins! I felt like the idea for this book was pretty genius. Think Romeo and Juliet meet college football. If you've never experienced a true rivalry like the one in this book firsthand, you might not understand. You might wonder what the big deal is or if people really act this way.

I know it sounds far fetched, but this is a real thing! Nikki Sloane nails it perfectly the rivalry hatred, the bleed-their-school-colors feeling.

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Football is religion to people like Kayla and her family. Kayla's father was a coach for Ohio State and her mother gave birth to her in the stands during the rivalry game because she didn't want to miss it! That's loyalty and dedication. I hope that readers who don't know much about college football will still "get it" and enjoy the book for what it is- a sexy, enemies-to-lovers romance.

This book feels totally different than Ms. I would not have guessed it was written by her if I did not already know. The writing was still very good, but this book is definitely more of a NA college book. It is not as dirty or angsty. The relationship in this book has more of a young love feeling.

There is an innocence and sweetness in Jay and Kayla. They still have lots of sexy times. Calvin owns a advantage when the game is played on a neutral floor. The most points by Hope in a game against Calvin was in Two of the wins came during the regular season and the third in the championship game of the conference tournament. The fewest points by Hope in a game against Calvin was in a loss in The fewest points by Calvin was in a win in Four games have gone into overtime with Hope winning three of the four overtime games.

Hope won in Calvin won in Hope triumphed in and Hope won in In one-point games Calvin leads in , in and in with Hope winning in She was in games she coached her Calvin teams against Hope from Just 89 points separate the teams over games, a difference of only 0. Hope has scored 13, points, an average of Calvin has scored 13, points, an average of Decade-by-decade s — Hope won s — Hope won s — Hope won s — 10 games each s — Hope won s — Calvin won s — Hope won s — 13 games each s — Hope won s — Hope leads The series started in with a Hope victory.

There have been 12 overtime games with each team having won six overtime games. Hope coach Greg Mitchell vs. Calvin since is