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See all 11 questions about A Whole New World…. Lists with This Book. Feb 24, Emily May rated it did not like it Shelves: A Whole New World , contrary to what I initially believed, is not really a retelling. Instead, it's more of a fan fiction that recreates the Disney film for the first approx.

Being a fan of the Disney movie, I found myself saying some of the lines before the characters. And, the small prologue aside, we once again meet Aladdin in the market when he is stealing br A Whole New World , contrary to what I initially believed, is not really a retelling. And, the small prologue aside, we once again meet Aladdin in the market when he is stealing bread and being chased by the Sultan's guards - just like in the movie.

He even says the same old line to Abu: It was actually painfully boring to read the parts that were an exact novelization of the film. Why bother when I can just watch the excellent Disney version instead? So, don't things get better after that? The novel is contradictory in that it's boring to read it having already watched the movie, but the story almost assumes the reader is familiar with the Disney characters.

Jafar is nothing more than a pantomime antagonist. Aladdin has no personality beyond his desire to save everyone else. Honestly, there is no reason to read this book. Haven't watched the Disney movie? Then go watch that instead. Have watched the Disney movie? Then go watch it again. I struggle to believe either fans OR newbies will find anything to love here. It moves from darkness and violence into cartoonish territory and back again, never quite becoming anything more than a mess.

And one more thing. But if I was going to write a novel set in that area, I would at least do a bit of research. View all 53 comments. Feb 09, Navessa marked it as to-read. View all 12 comments. May 03, Lola rated it it was ok Shelves: What if it were Jafar who summoned the genie?

What if he became the new sultan, was granted a great power no one else could surpass and took complete control of the city of Agrabah? Can you recognize your dearly loved fairy tale in this? When there were some, they were mostly featuring Aladdi What if it were Jafar who summoned the genie? When there were some, they were mostly featuring Aladdin and Jasmine cuddling, kissing. This action-packed book had a rather sufficiently built world, easily visualized, but what was lacking — almost missing — was characterization.

Only a scant amount of characters were comparable in personality to the ones in the original version. There were also more than a handful of new roles in this story: The last time I watched the aforementioned movie was three years ago, I believe, and I remember being unable to stop myself from laughing, and that, whenever he opened his mouth. Finally, even if there was a lot of villainy throughout the story, the conclusion will satisfy most of the readers. View all 32 comments.

Feb 09, Natalie Monroe rated it did not like it Shelves: I put a gif with Aladdin throwing money and everything. I was ready to love it. And it crushed that hope. Crushed it like Beyonce crushed at the VMAs. Was this supposed to be an ad for the Disney movie? Because you don't need to sell me that shit. I watched it every day for an entire week when I borrowed the video cassette 90s, man from the library. Aside from a few details like Aladdin's mom making a brief one-chapter appearance, it doesn't even attempt to differentiate itself from the source material. It shovels extra scenes in too, like Jafar throwing a very familiar parade after he becomes sultan.

The plot is nothing to write home about. It was juvenile and typical and foreshadows with the finesse of a hippo ballerina. For instance, it hints at an eventual betrayal by turning that character shifty and inspiring internal monologues: What's up with him?

Why is he acting different? I'm sure it's nothing. Give your readers some credit. Juvenile is actually the best word to describe this book. The characters are sad two-dimensional paper dolls no different than their movie counterparts. Aladdin never experiences any hesitation in his goal to rescue Jasmine, even when normal human instinct is to run as damn far as you can in the opposite direction. He is a hero, dammit, and he must never not be heroic.

Genie is cheerfully snarky and uses references that shouldn't exist during that era, which really irritated me because a it's a fantasy and modern slang should never appear and b pay some respect to the culture that inspired it. Aladdin was released when the public wasn't as conscious about this kind of thing. There's absolutely no excuse for it now. And it never fails to remind us that Jafar is evil, yo. Every scene he's in, he's using an oily voice. The tower where he lives is encased in an "evil orange glow".

When he laughs, "not evilly" has to be added because he obviously does it so often. Jafar is the most squandered character in A Whole New World. So much more could have been done with him, to flesh him into a fully believable villain or even antihero. I would love if the whole thing was told from his point of view.

We get glimpses of his backstory and thought process, which only proves that he's wasted potential. I still get a little shiver down my spine when I recall that scene where he's practicing dark magic in his evil lair and "talking" to Iago. But the book decides to go the "crazy villain" route. He's evil because he's nuts. Thank you for fucking up Arabian culture and mental illness perceptions. An ambitious villain is someone I can understand. A crazy villain is cartoonish and cheap. Just look at the stuff they say: You don't have to choose this life.

You could be something more. Most books abide by the same moral code, alright? I'm not mad at that. Prodigy or Champion , I don't remember which, has a similar scene where June is rebuking Thomas for being a dick and then compares him to Day, who suffered under pretty similar conditions, but "chose to walk in the light.

The writing is as nuanced as a crayon drawing, by the way But when you combine the good-and-right moral code with everything that's going on, it reinforces its lack of depth. So when Aladdin spits out a line like that, making sure there's an "angrily" there in case I'm too stupid to understand he's pissed, it's laughable.

We get a bit of grey morality with Rasoul, but that's it. The revolution goes off without a hitch and everyone who isn't Jafar lives happily ever after. The characters never struggled. It just felt like they were going through the motions. I never felt fear for them. Didn't see it coming and I give credit where it's due. Everything else is blech. Just watch the Disney movie. It has catchy tunes and Robin Williams. View all 20 comments.

Jul 31, Faye, la Patata rated it did not like it Shelves: What a disappointment this book turned out to be. You know, when I requested for this book, I did it because I was really, really expecting a Disney movie retelling wait, is that even allowed? Isn't there supposed to be some copyright thingy about modifying a well-known commercial masterpiece into something else? Can some lawyer clarify this for me, please?!

You see, there is something that books can do better than movies - one of them is charact What a disappointment this book turned out to be. You see, there is something that books can do better than movies - one of them is characterization. With a book, you can get into the deepest psyche of the characters and really get to know them in a more personal and intimate level; we'll be able to know more why they feel a certain why or how their feelings or other external factors weigh in their actions and decisions.

If you're into that sort of thing, then this would be right up your alley. This book asked the question, "What if it was Jafar who got the lamp and the genie and the wishes? Like seriously, we don't even really get to know Jafar's story, or why he wished the things he wished, or why he was the way he was. What the bloody heck?! We already know what Aladdin would have done if he got the lamp; since it's going to be Jafar this time, why not give him more of the spotlight?

Why do we have to have a rehash of this romance between Aladdin and Jasmine, which we have already witnessed in the fricking original movie, which we all have watched a million times already?! I just don't get it - here's the chance to get to know Jafar and all the spotlight is on Aladdin and Jasmine. What we get then was a boring-ass antagonist who was evil because he was evil. And when it was the time to give us a reason why he was doing the things he did, it wasn't from his perspective or anything, it was from the main characters themselves, talking amongst themselves why they thought he did what he did.

He wants everyone, including me, to love him. Are you guys Dr. I just found it incredibly lazy. It didn't show us this development or these info, it simply told us just like that. And not from the POV of the antagonist, to boot! Even then, let us do say that it was never intended to show a more complex side of Jafar. It was all meant to be for Aladdin and Jasmine and how they went their way to start a rebellion to take back the Sultanate of Agrabah.

I'd still say it was disappointing as hell because like I previously mentioned, there was absolutely zero character development. I know he kinda does the same in the movie, but I kind of expected more from this book, that it would at least try to give us a more meaningful and fulfilling romance. Sure, it had ample action, but without the emotional connection to the characters, how would I ever feel the tension and the urgency? Not to mention, the twists were so, so uninspiring that it felt anti-climactic. All in all, it was a disappointing book.

As Emily May stated in her review, it feels like a fanfic, and I have to agree with her. You're better off with watching the movie instead, at least it has songs. View all 22 comments. Feb 09, Steph Sinclair marked it as to-read Shelves: Apr 04, Rose rated it it was ok Shelves: Man, I want to read this so badly that it's not even funny. I know, lemme answer this one. I know this one! I'm raising my wing and getti Pre-read: I'm raising my wing and getting wing cramps over here!

Iago, you sound just a teensy bit too happy over there I'm just thinking that if Jafar had gotten the lamp before Mr. Is that too much to ask? Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and Abu: You guys kill my fun every single time. Whadd'ya mean, 2 stars?! I expected explosions, blood, creepiness, take over the world kinda action!

Iago, calm down - 2 stars is not the end of the world, it just means that it wasn't It had some good things Besides, Iago, why would you even defend this book if you weren't even in the story most of the time?

A Whole New World

You were only there to show Jafar's manic moods anyway. Uh, kids, spoiler warning much? Right, uh - I guess we'll have to talk about this later. See you guys in a little while. It had some cool moments and ideas, but they weren't organized enough to carry the story forward.

Full review to come. I'm going ahead and writing it because as much as I anticipated and was excited by the idea and promise of this title, the actual story I read left me feeling more neutral than anything else. There were some awesome ideas here and potential aims for the characters and conflict, but the delivery As you can probably tell by my pre-review comments, I really enjoy the Disney's Aladdin franchise - the movies, the characters, the TV series, the people who were a part of it, etc. The last time I watched the original movie was about a year ago - it brings back fond memories.

So when I heard about Disney releasing a YA series with a series of "twisted" tales based on beloved Disney movies and stories, I was pretty much like "Bring it!!! But the experience of reading "A Whole New World" wasn't really that new at all, unfortunately. You already know the story if you've watched the Disney movie, and I'd venture a guess the purpose of this series is not to introduce the story but appeal to people who already know the story of Aladdin or the other twisted tales to follow.

I'll commend Braswell - at least - for the prologue because that was an all too brief eye into Aladdin's life as a boy if you know the story of Howard Ashman and the writing of the song "Proud of Your Boy" for the original movie - you'll know that there were plans to go into Aladdin's boyhood, but they had to take it out for the sake of the story.

And it often got many of the details from the movie wrong if it were actually being included for the sake of consistency i. Jasmine getting half an apple in the story, versus in the movie getting a whole one from Aladdin during their first meeting in his hiding place. So what was the purpose of the retracing? When the story actually gets to the part of the premise that's advertised for the book, that's where the potential of the story took off, but at a cost. There were some dark moments, and I think the only original character from the movie that Braswell got right on the money was Jafar.

Iago was barely a character which - with as much personality as Iago has, that was kind of a waste , Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie had moments where they resembled their original characters, but their newer incarnations were much harder to follow because of a severe lack of development. And that's what made the following story feel so I loved the overarching concept and aim but the execution of the writing of the story and the dynamic between the characters felt either forced or lacking for the promise of the potential story.

Even the character deaths felt empty in places which I think some people are going to be surprised by how quick they happen and to whom it happens. In the end, a read that I was aptly excited and enthused about ended up not being able to carry the imaginative promises it purported to have. That's not to say I won't follow this series though, because I think it has a ton of potential to work with. I just hope that the journey's more dynamic and immersive in future stories than this one was.

View all 9 comments. Mar 27, Darth J marked it as no-longer-interested Shelves: View all 8 comments. May 01, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: I get that this was an Aladdin retelling, but couldn't there have been some more variance? But it didn't get any better Zero passion, zero development, zero everything.

They just existed and that's it. They were not fleshed out at all. He seemed so hollow and not scary: There was no depth, no intensity, no epicness. Or at least insta-crushy. It's like that in Aladdin, I know, but for some reason it feels totally okay in the movie. But in a book, I expect more. With more pages and more room for development, I want to see a better, slower, more thought out romance. I was curious to see how the story would turn out, but to be honest, I just wasn't enjoying it at all. I was dragging my feet and finally got tired of it.

View all 10 comments. This is the first instalment in a series of Disney retellings, penned by Liz Braswell. A Whole New World is the story of what would have happened to Aladdin if he were not the one to lay his hands on the magical lamp and acquire the power of the genie.

This, true to its design, had a true Disney feel to it. I'm not sure if I could really appreciate the comical cheesiness, that Disney does so well, in the written format, however. I grew accustomed to this style of penmans Actual rating 2. I grew accustomed to this style of penmanship and liked how authentic to the Disney movie this still remained, despite the clear narrative differences, but am not sure if it was wholly to my tastes.

The jovial tone made for a fun reading experience but one bereft of any deeper emotion, for me, as I found I could not feel much empathy or tension. I really appreciated the ending of this, however, and the last 70 or so pages were my favourite of the whole book. The intensity I found lacking in earlier segments was finally included and the ending was the one I was hoping for.

I still can not say I was super invested as many tense scenes were infused with jovial comments or sarcasm, which did not gel with the alternative emotions the characters should have been experiencing, but this did conclude on a more positive note, for me. View all 3 comments. May 02, Sh3lly grumpybookgrrrl marked it as wish-list Shelves: Going through my tbr shelf and trying to weed some stuff out. This has a 3. Apparently, it's a pretty literal re-telling of the Disney cartoon for at least the first part of the book.

Seeing as how Aladdin is one I haven't seen all that much, I'll still try this one out. Guess I won't be reading this anytime soon. Maybe if it ever gets to my library one day. View all 17 comments. My actual rating is 3. Because of how much I enjoyed reading it. Is it a masterpiece of literature? But do you know what it is? Because it has an insane amount of bad ratings and reviews. Most of the other reviews seem to feel like this about the book: It's certainly not going to appeal to everyone.

However, it is incredibly rare that I am on the side of liking something that everyone else seems to hate My actual rating is 3. However, it is incredibly rare that I am on the side of liking something that everyone else seems to hate. I'm usually on the other side of this fence.

I'm usually the one hating the books everyone loves and feeling bad about it. Not to mention the fact that this is the kind of book that I should dislike. It's not something I expected to like, certainly not as much as I do, and yet here we are. Because the first part of the book is basically the entire first part of the Disney movie, nearly word for word, and that seems to have been part of the issue for some people but, for me personally, I actually loved that.

It gave me a feeling of comfort and put a big cheesy grin on my face. I liked that it gave it the feeling of 'hey, I know this story' to then be contrasted with the 'whole new world' not even sorry once the 'sliding doors' type moment occurs and takes the rest of the story in a different direction. When the story changed, I was genuinely gripped. I wanted to see how things turned out, wanted to find out what would happen and it was such an enjoyable 'magic carpet' ride no, I will not stop. My favourite street rat was still being his charming, cheeky, witty self and my badass princess who won't take anyone's crap and stands up for what she believes in was still stomping all over the patriarchy, kicking ass and taking names.

The other familiar characters were all there and there were new characters who I really enjoyed. I loved the development of the dictatorship and I liked how poverty was explored through Jasmine having her eyes opened to it and the fact that we spent more of the story with the street rats rather than among the royals.

The progression of Jafar and how he ruled was interesting. Seeing the way he gained trust and tricked people into thinking he was on their side only to then take everything away I mean, who does that remind you of? Because overall, it just all worked for me and I really liked it. Aug 24, Selene rated it it was ok. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I can't wait to start this book and hope that I enjoy it after all those low reviews!

The first book in A Twisted Tale trilogy is a dark rendition of Aladdin. This story is about Jafar who steals a genie lamp. He uses his first two wishes to become sultan of Agrabah and the most powerful sorcerer in the world. The citizens of Agr I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The citizens of Agrabah live in fear of Jafar's final wish. Aladdin and Jasmine team together in a fight for freedom to unite the people of Agrabah in a rebellion which leads to a civil war Why are we rehashing Jasmine and Aladdin?! Why not take this opportunity to get a better look at Jafar's character rather than retell me a love story I already know.

The things people will do in times of grief are unbounded, and this is a good testament to that. As an orphan, I can't imagine what I would do if I came home to find one of my parents back from the dead. Still, as with the others, I loved it. Emma was a "bad girl" who bullied Victoria, and Victoria snitched. This sets them both on a course for a lifetime of chance meetings that spiral into dark and chaotic events. Just because there was a little bit I didn't understand. Hopefully, that makes sense to Amy Cross without spoiling it for future readers.

A Whole New World (A Twisted Tale #1) by Liz Braswell

When it shows up again one night during a storm, Sophie comes out of retirement to hopefully finally get some answers. Well, she'll get more than she bargained for. This might be your ultimate ghost ship story. Normally, I start reading anything ship-related, and my brain starts playing the clown song from The Simpsons, but this kept my attention.

A unique and chilling take on the River Styx, this story might be the one worth picking up this entire collection for. Are they both more than they seem? This is rather different than anything I've read from Amy Cross before, and I absolutely loved it. She's excellent at writing the gruesome and disturbing, but clearly, she's good at writing stories that pull at the heartstrings and leave you wondering, too.

This collection is phenomenal. I hope you'll pick it up if you're in the mood for some good spooky stories, especially since it's the Halloween season. You certainly won't regret it. Amy Cross has hit it out of the park again.

Aug 07, Jye rated it really liked it. A nice little collection of stories. All had incredibly different ideas and characters which made them interesting. Most of them however had a theme in common view spoiler [ the devil was in a couple of the stories, the underworld was in two, and ghosts were common also hide spoiler ] Overall a nice collection of short stories - I personally enjoyed the final story the most. It could however do with some proof reading becuase view spoiler [ one of the stories mentioned "Ebay" long, long before A nice little collection of stories.

It could however do with some proof reading becuase view spoiler [ one of the stories mentioned "Ebay" long, long before ebay was ever a thing. Dec 30, John Morris rated it it was amazing. This was, once again, Amy Cross at her very best.

Praise for Twisted Tales Events

Mild horror mixed with fascinating ghost stories. I particularly enjoyed the modern twist on the Ferryman and the River Styx tale. Not to mention the final, slightly humorous, tale of two ghosts meeting and not realising that they were dead. The way they went about scaring the pants off two arrogant ghost hunters was a delight. A wonderful mix of stories - well recommended.

Aug 02, Sean rated it it was amazing. Definitely an author to check out I'd not heard of Amy Cross prior to purchasing this collection, but these extremely well written horror tales make me want to pick up more prose by the author. I guarantee you'll be hooked. May 29, Jack rated it it was amazing. Horror collection Decent collection of horror short stories; one of my favorite genres.

These were fairly well written except for a reference to eBay in one story in a chapter that took place in Don't think eBay was a thing back then. Not too gory; just good stories. Jun 02, T. Giachetti rated it really liked it. Frightening Terrific horror stories. Some that scare you graphically. Others are terrifying suspenseful and most importantly there is a twist that you as the reader don't even see coming your way. Will be reading more of Amy's horrifying tales in the future!

Apr 13, Tim Starnes rated it really liked it. Nicely done Interesting tales. A nice variety of settings and characters. Some made you think. Some fringe in disgust. The final story was a great chance meeting. Dec 18, Zane rated it it was amazing. Another perfect book by the prolific Amy Cross! This book is filled with great suspense and addictive ghostly horror.

Oct 28, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: I liked a number of the stories in this book. Although "The Ferry" really bored me, it was the longest one and I just couldn't get into it. May 29, Nancy rated it really liked it. A very good collection of short stories from Amy Cross Really liked all these stories although I thought The Ferry was a bit too long.

The rest I really enjoyed though! Sep 18, Kay Oliver rated it it was amazing. I had really high hopes for this collection of horror shorts as it is after all Amy Cross, and she did not disappoint. An excellent chest of treasures sure to creep, scare and enthrall you. Jan 05, Michael L.

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Rivera rated it it was amazing. I I enjoyed the stories.

Winter Finale Ending - A Million Little Things

They held the reader in suspense. I like the writers style of writing. Easy reading but really interesting. Feb 13, Nancy J Doyle rated it liked it. Ok The first and the third stories I liked the second and fourth just skipped over just had a hard time getting threw them. Oct 14, Terena rated it really liked it. Twisted Little Things and Other Stories I suppose every writer has short stories and some even have short stories that are made longer and reprinted.

Twisted Little Things and Other Stories

Sometimes the characters only want to go so far, then stop. And only writers understand. I enjoyed this series by Amy Cross. And some of the stories were really not resolved or rather left to the reader to surmise. It's the characters again. In some instances they said all there was to say,thus leaving the readers trying to guess Twisted Little Things and Other Stories I suppose every writer has short stories and some even have short stories that are made longer and reprinted.

In some instances they said all there was to say,thus leaving the readers trying to guess what might happen next.

Sleep well.

Not all these stories are that way. Some reach a conclusion and guided by Amy Cross they end in ways you didn't see coming. This makes the fourth book I've enjoyed by Ms. Nov 25, Kay Bolton rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a total break away choice for me, and actually I found it to be interestingly and thoughtfully written. The author does a really great job of constructing short story narratives - in this collection they sit together in a really nicely curated whole.

I didn't find any of the subject matter truly disturbing, but rather very thought provoking. Amy's work has a very 'Tales of the Unexpected' feel to it, and would probably work well in a TV episode format. Read as part of my Kindle Unlimited This was a total break away choice for me, and actually I found it to be interestingly and thoughtfully written. Read as part of my Kindle Unlimited package. Details on production values, etc.

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On Wednesday, we decided to make our move during the following day's pep rally. Instead, for the first time in his life, the man was scared. Quinn the guidance counselor and shot him in the face three times. There was no depth, no intensity, no epicness. Cultic Games is a newly-established independent game development company from Istanbul. I don't know how Aladdin and Jasmine grew to trust each other or even like each other. I think what I liked most was how evil Jafar was in this and how dark the book is.

Oct 22, Helen Lancaster Lancaster rated it it was amazing. Twisted little things and other stories - excellent!! Ah loved this book. Couldn't believe I have just finished just would have read on and on.

The Ferry was a particular favourite as well as the Devil who inhabits a town to kill everyone just for his pleasure. Every story was good and I must say this is my favourite Short Stories to date.. Sep 16, Donna L Buchanan-Smith rated it it was amazing. Just one more brilliant book by a creative and brilliant author I just can't get enough of!

This book contains a myriad of short stories that keep you turning the pages. The only times I put it down was when my eyes became so tired that I'd literally fall asleep, only to wake up and pick up where I had left off! Can't wait to read a new Amy Cross book.

Nov 17, Arielle rated it liked it. This book was ok. Some stories were either too short to me, or too long but that is the beauty of a book of short stories - if you don't like the one you finished, maybe the next will be better! Normally short stories are not my thing but this selection is very good and well written. One story I recommend is The Ferry. Dec 01, patricia toms rated it it was amazing.

Thanks Amy Cross enjoyed all the stories very much! Can't wait to read the next one. The toy soldiers especially. Oct 01, Becca Rockafellow rated it it was amazing. Really Creepy All the short story's in this book are definitely creepy!