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Add honey and balsamic sites to download pirated ebooks marinade barbecued pork tenderloin. Only in she returned eventually for good to Switzerland. His brother Oskar - entered the clock company Schmid in In the course of time, however, he concentrated exclusively on the imprt of clocks and clockparts to be mounted in Japan. Oskar [Oscar] Abegg developed eventually to the director of the company.

Oskar Abegg spent the war in Japan and returned together with his family to Switzerland in after 22 years as a director of the company Schmid. The card was cancelled in the train post office on the route Nagoya-Tokyo. Die letzten 5 Monate war er ans Bett gefesselt, seit einigen Wochen aber hatte das medizinische Personal keine Hoffnung mehr auf Genesung und so kam sein Tod dann nicht unerwartet. Er wurde auf dem alten Kobe Friedhof von Ono beigesetzt. Sein Name bleibt immer mit der Hyogo und Osaka - Handelskammer verbunden, die am Browne, und seines Nachfolgers J.

Sarah Elizabeth wurde am Sie hatten zwei Kinder: This business partnership lasted only until , Otto Herhausen moved to Osaka and the connection resolved itself. Abell is listed as independent Merchant in Kobe 35, in the following years he acted especially as Bill and Bullion Broker.

About in , after his marriage, he moved to Kobe 29 and in to Kobe 27 establishing there his office and residence. From on he enlarged his scope of business by insurances, he became agent for E. Watson Agent for the Chinese Insurance Co. The brokerage required much power and especially time and for this reason the insurance agency was abondaned in About in , on the death of J.

Abell again took over the business, under his own name it has since been conducted until about when he could not realize it any more for health reasons. The last period he had been confined to his bed upwards of five months, but for some weeks his medical attendants held out no hope of recovery, and his death in was therefore not unexpected. He was a gentleman of high business integrity, respected by all with whom he was in contact, both foreigners and Japanese alike.

He was buried in the Old Kobe Cemetery at Ono. His name is always connected with the Hyogo and Osaka Chamber of Commerce, which was formed on September 11th, From the outset the Chamber proved a very efficient body, in large part owing to the untiring exertions of H. Browne, the first secretary and Mr.

From until John Catto Abell occupied the position of secretary continuously and he was honoured for his successful and unfailing work.

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He was one of the oldest members of the K. Sarah Elizabeth was born on April 17, in Bombay. They had two children: Auerbach - Sie hatten 5 Kinder: Emil Abenheim - 3. Karl - 3. Miss Abenheim, vermutlich Clarissa, weilte bis und in Japan. Sie reiste zusammen mit ihrem Bruder Leopold wieder nach DE. Obviously she was, however, strongly involved into the business trade with her relatives in Japan; an existing cover with her printed address shows a frequent correspondence. Possibly she had also been in Japan for some time, although there is no proof.

Miss Abenheim, presumably Clarissa, stayed in Japan in to and in In she returned to Germany again together with her brother Leopold. Er kam nach Japan und wurde ebenfalls angestellt bei Bruhl Bros. Als Abenheim Bros. In he came to Japan and got also employed by Bruhl Bros. In he was transferred to their brach in Kobe and in he signed per procura.

According to the rotating principle he went back to Yokohama in and instead of him his brother Rudolf Emil came to Kobe staying there durably. Fritz Berthold was appointed manager of the New York branch. Er kam nach Japan, nachdem sich sein Stiefbruder Richard eingelebt hatte, und Karl wurde ebenfalls bei Bruhl Bros. Karl Abenheim wohnte auch mit ihm in A Bluff zusammen. In he came to Japan after his stepbrother Richard had settled and Karl was also employed with Bruhl Bros. He also resided together with him at Yokohama A Bluff. He always worked for this company in Yokohama until he suddenly died in Karl Abenheim was buried in the Foreigners' Cemetery of Yokohama.

In dieser Ehe wurden 5 weitere Kinder geboren. Auch Leopold wurde von Bruhl Bros. After her new marriage Richard became an Abenheim and during this marriage 5 further children were born. Also Leopold was employed by Bruhl Bros. Richard was the first of the Abenheim family who settled in Japan. In he came to Japan and started to work for Bruhl Bros. In the Bruhl brothers backed away from Japan and worked in the headquarter in Paris. In the same year his brother Carl arrived, now also working for Bruhl Bros.

The brothers resided together, at first 86, from to in A Bluff. In the course of time further Abenheim - family members came to Japan, all of them worked for Bruhl Bros. In , Richard Abenheim is appointed manager of the Bruhl Bros. From on Richard Abenheim became head of the branch office in London.

Er wohnte auch mit allen anderen Abenheim's in B Bluff zusammen. In he came to Japan together with his father Leopold and he also got employed with Bruhl Bros. Also he resided together with all other Abenheim's at Yokohama B Bluff. In he received the right to sign per procuration and was appointed manager of the Kobe branch in He continued to manage the branch even when it became Abenhein Bros. Zwei Belege an E. In he was transferred to Kobe, this branch had already been established in From on it seems, the business did not run well, he was again transferred to Yokohama and as of the liquidation of the company was initiated.

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In this phase Ernst Achilles finished his job in Japan. Sie wurde Direktor der Conant High School. After her graduation from the Conant High School she became a teacher at the Primary School but resigned as a teacher in the following year. Generally she was interested in education of the poor children and supported by James H. Pettee , a cousin of her, she was appointed a missionary of the American Board Mission to Japan on January 22, Due to many poor children in this region she established the Hanabata Elementary School on October 28, which gradually grew to bring up 1, pupils.

Additionally she established a sewing evening school and a nursery school in February, She unified these institutions on October 15, and founded the Okayama Philanthropic Society. Due to her long-lasting social work she was honored by the Japanese government in Because she reached the retirement age in July of this year, she returned back home but soon after she died in In remembrance to her a gravestone was built in Hirai, Okayama-shi where the hair was symbolically buried which she left on her departure from Yokohama to symbolize that she will return.

Maria Magdalena, Gillingham getauft. Er fragte Adams, warum er nach Japan kam. Sie erhielten die Erlaubnis, sich niederzulassen, wo immer sie wollten, nur Adams musste am Hof bleiben. Das Einzige, was ihm verweigert wurde, war das Recht, das Land zu verlassen. Adams hatte bereits eine japanische Frau geheiratet, mit der er eine Familie hatte, und den letzten Teil seines Lebens stellte er in den Dienst der englischen Handels-Gesellschaft. Mai und wurde in Yokohama begraben.

Although he was said to be the founder of the Japanese navy, he was born in Gillingham and baptised in the parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham on September 24, He served under Sir Francis Drake during the wars with Spain. In the summer of he was employed by the Dutch East India Company. At that time there survived only seven people including William Adams. It is believed he was the first English to set foot on Japan. He asked Adams why he came to Japan. Adams answered that Dutch people wanted to trade with Japan and showed Ieyasu the world map.

Both Ieyasu and Adams changed their views about the situations of the world. Adams was given land at Itsumi Yokosuka and Edo Tokyo and the rank of samurai with retainers to serve him; the only thing denied him being the right to leave the country. Adams had already married a Japanese woman, by whom he had a family, and the latter part of his life was spent in the service of the English trading company.

He died on the May 16th, and was buried in Yokohama. Seine schulischen Leistungen waren nicht gut. Er integrierte sich nur sehr schwer in das Team. Ab war er bei H. Hinrich considered him a problem child but he always supported him. In , when he was 10 years old, he sent him to Stade to attend the school and he bore the costs. His school results were not good. After the school was finished he started a mercantile apprenticeship in Bremen, also this education was paid by Hinrich.

In Hermann Adolph is sent to the London office of H. He assimilated into the team only with difficulties. As of he was employed with H. Afterwards he ceased his job with H. He had been always in contact with his nephew Hans [Johann]Ahrens. Postkarte von Mizukuchi, Aufgabe Private Kontroll-Markierungen der Firma H. Private Control Markings of H. From October 1, only perfins or embossed markings were allowable.

Vorderseite eines privaten Streifbandes aus Yokohama vom Da kein Porto verwendet wurde, wurde ein roter Nachporto-Stempel abgeschlagen. As no postage was used, the red Postage Due cancel was struck. Reverse of private wrapper, arrival cancel Kobe September 19, The 2 Sen postage due cancel was again struck. Petersburg zu finden, entschloss sich aber bald nach London zu gehen, wo er im Juni eintraf. Er versuchte sich dann in Chile und Bolivien, letztendlich entschied er sich nach Japan zu gehen - er schiffte sich in San Francisco ein und kam am Das hatte aber keinen Einfluss auf seinen Erfolg.

Die Anschrift lautete "Edo 41". Er war kein Kaufmann, eher Techniker und Hinrich Ahrens war mit seiner Leistung anfangs nicht zufrieden. In dieser Zeit leitete M. Bair reiste nun Ende Januar nach Europa, wo sich auch noch E. Schmid aufhielt und gemeinsam verlegten sie die Filiale von Berlin nach London. Von bis etwa Mitte leitete H. Ob zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch E. Er wurde auch nicht in H. Als Hinrich von bis in Europa weilte, lernte er auch Hermina Mosle kennen, die er am Sie wurde am Sie hatten vier Kinder: Main, beigesetzt in Oberursel - 1.

Im Juli zwangen ihn dringende Aufgaben nach Japan. Von dieser Reise kehrt er nicht wieder nach Hause.

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Er starb an Cholera in Yokohama am Im November zieht Hermina mit ihren Kindern von London nach Leipzig, bald war sie mit Carl Eduard Melchers eng befreundet und sie heirateten am Sie starb am Peil wird die Firma H. Ahrens im Oktober Bing war mit der Schwester von M. Bair verheiratet, der erste Export von S. Hake die Gruppe der Teilhaber. Bis verlassen auch E. Hofmann die Firma, auch neue Mitarbeiter kommen und gehen. WK bestehen und wurde erst durch die amerikanische Besatzung liquidiert.

Regarding his later commercial activities in Japan, however, only two brothers were of importance: At first Hinrich attends the primary school at Falkenberg and aged 13 years he joined a private school of a theologian at Lilienthal; at this school also French and English was being taught. He was interested in the profession of a merchant and in he started an apprenticeship with the company of August Korff in Bremen. The apprenticeship ended at Easter , Hinrich is 19 years old and he wanted to work abroad.

At first he tried to find a job in St. Petersburg, but decided soon to go to London arriving there in June Afterwards he tried another start in Chile and Bolivia and eventually he decided to go to Japan -- he embarked in San Francisco and on October 31, he arrived in Yokohama. Since he also knew the importance of a communication in the national language he started to learn Japanese and soon he mastered this language in speaking and writing due to his industriousness. On January 1, he opened a small shop in Tokyo, according to his own statement the "first European shop in Tokyo".

The address is not handed down, it was a kind of retail trade; he bought European goods in Yokohama and sold these in Tokyo through his shop. As the business developed well, he looked for a partner. The first partner, Mr Witte, was a real mistake; when entering Germany at the end of he was arrested. However, this did not have any influence on his success. On June 3, he leased 41 Tsukiji, Tokyo and started with the construction of several buildings. The neighbouring lot 23 leased Martin Michael Bair , who also started with the construction of a building and both formed a partnership.

At the beginning of January the buildings were ready to move in. Two residential buildings, a store and a shop had been set up. The address read "Edo 41". The main chief of the company remained Hinrich Ahrens, both were likewise active in the development of the company - their knowledge of the Japanese language contributed to the business success. Bair was appointed consulate agent in Tokyo, this activity also supported the business contacts; when M.

Bair was absent, H. Ahrens was his deputy. At the beginning of February the first German employee, Jakob Winckler from Stade and the future brother-in-law of his stepbrother Georg, started his work in the company. He was not a merchant, rather a technician and at first H. Ahrens was not satisfied with his efficiency.

He won the confidence of his bosses and besides other works he gradually realised the commissions of the company with the Japanese government. In April Hinrich travelled via New York to Europe in order to strengthen and expand the business relations and he arrived in Falkenberg in June. During this period M. Bair managed the company in Japan and Hinrich completed orders from Japan and visited suppliers, recruited in a second partner, Eberhard Schmid, founded a branch office in Berlin and visited the World Exhibition in Vienna in ; only afterwards he returned to Japan again.

In the company could additionally conclud extensive commissions with the Japanese government; Hinrich Ahrens took over the complete management and now M.

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Bair travelled to Europe at the end of January Schmid was still staying there and together they transferred the branch office from Berlin to London. Ahrens managed the business from London as from until about to the midst of Already at that time serious differences occurred between Ahrens and Bair leading to separated commercial ways in the middle of Ahrens rather saw his chances in a business with private persons, whereas Bair adhered to the business with the Japanese government and following they continued their business separated under H. Hinrich Ahrens kept, however, the representation for Krupp in Japan.

Schmid also left the company at this time is not handed down. He also is not mentioned in the instructions of H.

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Ahrens' last will covering the company. At the beginning of Hinrich Ahrens decided to return to Europe to manage the company from London. On March 24, they arrived in Bremen, travelled on to London and took permanent residence here in summer although Hinrich often was on business trips and also had two longer stays in Japan. In Japan Theodor Hake took over responsibilty for the import.

As of also his brother Hermann Adolph Ahrens worked in Japan. When Hinrich stayed in Europe from to , he got acquainted with Hermina Mosle and he married her on August 17, in Bremen. She was born on April 25, in Bremen and was the daughter of Alexander Georg Mosle , a respected merchant, one of the founders of the Deutschen Bank and delegate of Bremen in the German Reichstag. Presumably his wife Hermina also cared for keeping private contacts with acquaintances.

They had four children: They had 3 daughters and 2 sons, marriage was divorced in In July urgent commissions forced him to go to Japan. He did not return home from this journey. He died of cholera in Yokohama on He was buried in the Yokohama Foreigners' Cemetery. Hinrich left a considerable fortune allowing the family to continue the familiar lifestyle. If Hermina got married, however, once more, she would lose her annual inheritance as well as all other hereditary shares and their mutual children will be the beneficiaries.

In November Hermina moved with her children from London to Leipzig; soon after she was closely befriended with Carl Eduard Melchers and they married on Together they had two additional daughters. She died on Summary of the business activities of the company H. Retail Trade private persons, schools, smaller enterprises - teaching materials books, exercise books, maps, globes, technical equipments for schools, etc.

Business with the Japanese Government state factories, ministries on a commission basis - representative of suppliers of the plants and mediator to the government chemicals, paints - Bayer, BASF; Machinery - Saxon Engineering Co. Mezger, engineer for mining. Military Engineering Navy and War Ministry. Peil was cancelled, the company H. Ahrens in October Art Objets varnish goods, ceramics etc. Bing was married with the sister of M.

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Bair managed the company in Japan and Hinrich completed orders from Japan and visited suppliers, recruited in a second partner, Eberhard Schmid, founded a branch office in Berlin and visited the World Exhibition in Vienna in ; only afterwards he returned to Japan again. Additionally she established a sewing evening school and a nursery school in February, His name is always connected with the Hyogo and Osaka Chamber of Commerce, which was formed on September 11th, Just his patriotism took him far away from his homeland. In he was appointed secretary to the Foreign Minister and then posted to the Japanese Legation in Berlin as first secretary, in he became Minister in Holland, and in Minister Plenipotentiary. Norton , and John R. Sie erhielten die Erlaubnis, sich niederzulassen, wo immer sie wollten, nur Adams musste am Hof bleiben.

Bair, the first export of S. Bing was executed through H. The chemist Gottfried Wagener was closely connected with H. In the course of time, the export business is more and more reduced in favour of the import. According to Hinrich Ahrens last will he granted three of his employees in Japan - Theodor Hake, Emil Wismer and Georg Rudolph Mosle - the right to run on the company, however, at their own costs. These three seized the opportunity and re-named the company to H.

It is much more an entirely new enterprise managed by "external persons" and marked by a continuous change in the corporate management. Hake was the first of the partners to leave the company in In Georg Rudolph Mosle followed who established his own company in Yokohama and he was replaced by M. Hofmann also leave the company, further new employees come and go. Despite the changes in the management the company kept a trustworthy enterprise until the end of WW II and has been liquidated only by the American occupying power.

Die Ehe blieb kinderlos. Postcard addressed to Hans Ahrens in Bremen, posted Yokohama on March 17, , arriving April 24, , shortly before his departure to Japan. In he also went to Yokohama to work in the company of his uncle Georg Rudolph Mosle as he was also attracted by Japan. In and they lived in Shanghai, he married Marcelle in Yokohama in The marriage remained childless.

The card was written by his uncle Hermann Adolph Ahrens who in worked again in Yokohama. Die JD erfassen ihn aber ertmals als Mitarbeiter bei E. The JD's list him, however, for the first time in as employee of E. In he joined R. In he founded his own business as merchant in Kobe 21, Harima-machi. As of his son David supported him; apart from some Japanese employees no further clerks were incorporated.

He was agent for - Bell's Abestos Co. Lange Zeit war er Leiter dieser Abteilung. Offenbar war der Entwurf so gelungen, dass die Fertigstellung statt der veranschlagten vier nur etwas mehr als ein Jahr betrug. Ainlie war auch beteiligt am Entwurf der Baumwollfabriken von Kurashiki , 4. Die Arbeitsweise ist einheitlich". Henry Ainlie starb nach sehr kurzer, aber schwerer Krankheit in seinem Haus in Oldham. Starting in with Kagoshima, he elaborated the plans for a number of Japanese cotton mills of ever increasing size. When he was, in about , sent to Japan for the first time, he encountered an already highly developed textile industry that was soon going to surpass Britain's.

He made an apprenticeship as technical draughtsman, working thereafter for a couple of years as a mechanic only to return to the drawing office again. Here, Ainlie was responsible for the design and layout of complete mills and for planning the arrangement of their machinery. For a long time he was head of the department. Ainlie's design for Kagoshima envisaged a small, but rather complex factory, comprising spinning machines of both the mule and the ring frame type and weaving looms as well.

Apparently the design was so successful that the completing of Kagoshima took only slightly more than a year instead of the planned four. The assembling in Japan was supervised by seven engineers from Platt, directed by Edward Z. From these small beginnings the Japanese cotton industry was developing rapidly. As power source, steam was used, and soon lighting was introduced to make shift work possible. The Osaka mill was bigger and more effective than any other textile plant in Japan at that time and it was profitable. Ainlie also participated in planning the cotton factories of Kurashiki , 4, spindles , of Amagasaki , 9, spindles and of the Nippon Spinning Co.

From about he stayed several times in Japan as an adviser for Platt, spending in Japan about five years in all. On March 15, he reported to his company management: In , a remarkable 87 percent of the 1,8 million spindles in Japanese mills came from Platt's of Oldham. Towards the turn of the century, Japan opened the path to automation in the world's textile industry. The "power loom", invented in by Toyoda Sakichi, made it possible that one worker could operate more than one loom at a time. Henry Ainlie died after a very short, but serious illness in his house at Oldham.

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He was trained for a military career and served among others in Egypt and India In , he made a state visit to Japan and he even has one connection with Japanese philately. This card shows the two honorary presidents of the exhibition committee, Prince Fushimi Sadanaru at right and Prince Arthur of Connaught at left , issued on the day of opening. In the period of - Prince Albert was governor-general of Canada. After his years in Canada, he held no similar public offices but undertook a number of public engagements and withdrew from public life in Er kam im Auftrag der American Trading Co.

In he came to Japan by order of the American Trading Co. The envelope depicts significant trade goods of the American Trading Co. Er studierte Erziehungswissenschaften in Berlin, Breslau und Ulm, die er abschloss. He studied education in Berlin, Breslau and Ulm and graduated in Afterwards he went to the USA, entered the theological college of Oberlin and graduated in From this school he also received the degree of Dr.

He arrived in Japan in July together with his wife, started his new post at first in Niigata teaching English besides missionary work. In he received his doctorate in theology from the Oberlin University. Postal Stationary Card, posted Kyoto In he was appointed consul at Foochow in China; in he was forwarded to Shanghai, where he especially superintended the establishment and laying out of the British settlement. On 21 December he was appointed consul-general in Japan and he arrived at Nagasaki on He pressed for more protection of Westerners by the Japanese authorities against Japanese radical forces.

He served until and afterwards he was transferred to Peking, where he represented the British government until , when he retired. Then he was president of the Royal Geographical Society from He was the first foreigner to climb Mount Fuji in July He was twice married. As author of several works he was also one of the first to awaken in England an interest in Japanese art.

Ankunft in Yokohama Alexeiff; arrival in Yokohama on September 19, In he was appointed financial adviser to the Korean Empire and he worked there to Er war bis leitender Direktor dieser Firma. He acted as managing director to In he founded his own company operating under Geo. In der Kunstakademie Karlsruhe nahm er Unterricht u. In den Jahren und diente er bei der Marine in Kiel. Allers war ein Naturalist. Trotzdem stellte er in seinen Werken auch Probleme dar, wie z.

Die wesentlichen Themen seiner Arbeiten waren: Club Eintracht - Reiseberichte, z. Allers while staying in Japan from a neighbor of Karlsruhe, posted on March 15, , arriving Tokio April 24, condoling to the death of his mother. In and he served in the German Navy in Kiel.

Allers became well-known when he published his collection of prints "Club Eintracht" in Several other prosperous books and collections of prints followed, among others on Bismarck, thus, at the beginning of the s he was able to purchase a house in Karlsruhe and in a villa on Capri. He lived there for many years, but also travelled to many countries of the world, in he stayed in Japan. In autumn he was accused by some Italian newspapers of homosexuality and pederasty.

He travelled through many countries, staying some time in New Zealand, Samoa, and Australia, now painting under the pseudonym "W. His living he earned above all by making portraits of wealthy people. He died in some months after his return to Germany. Allers was a naturalist. His drawings are very realistic without involving personal emotions. All the same he also demonstrates in his works existing problems, such as social contrasts. His chief subjects of his works were: Club Eintracht - Travel reports, e. Around the World - Representation of important personalities, e. ALT William John - Er liess sich im britischen Konsulat von Nagasaki am Innerhalb von zwei Jahren festigte und entwickelte er die Firma zu einem der erfolgreichsten Unternehmen, das einen stattlichen Gewinn durch den Handel mit Tee, Meeres-Produkten, Schiffen, Waffen etc.

Im Juni wurde er einer von drei Mitgliedern eines Kommittee zur Leitung der neuen Handels-Kammer und im Februar des folgenden Jahres wurde er einer von den drei Mitgliedern der Stadtverwaltung. Alt war eine treibende Kraft. Sein erster Partner war Herbert M. Wright , dann kamen H. Simpson , Walter M.

Norton und John R. Das Ehepaar fuhr dann weiter nach Nagasaki. Die Ausgabe The Nagasaki Express vom Abercrombie nutzte es auch als Konsulat, etc. Die ersten 4 Kinder wurden in Japan geboren, die anderen in GB. Bald darauf zogen sie nach London und kauften ein Haus in Kensington. Elisabeth lebte bis zu ihrem Tod weiter in London, sie starb dort He registered with the British Consulate in Nagasaki on January 6, as a general commission agent. From January 1, the business was conducted under the name of W. His early financial success is indicated by commissioning Scottish shipbuilder James Mitchell to construct a yacht in the spring of , the launching ceremony of the Phantom took place on the morning of From early on, Alt was an active member in governing the foreign community at Nagasaki.

In June he was appointed one of three members of a committee to head the newly created Chamber of Commerce, and in February of the following year he was elected one of three original members of the Municipal Council. As early as the summer of , a social organization called the Nagasaki Club had been formed by members primarily British of the foreign settlement, and W.

Alt was an impelling power. By January , rules for the Club had been settled and by the end of the year, a permanent building for the Club had been erected at No. The original trustees were W. His original partner was Herbert M. Wright , then came H. Norton , and John R. When Alt left Nagasaki for Osaka in , Norton also left the firm.

He was assisted by Frederick Hellyer, a nephew of Alt who had come to Nagasaki in to work for the company. After completing his work in England, William Alt returned to Australia, where he and Elisabeth were married at Adelaide on September 15, The couple then proceeded to Nagasaki. He hired Japanese master carpenter Koyama Hideyoshi, who had already built the Glover House, to construct a huge private residence high upon the hill of Minamiyamate overlooking the harbor at Nos.

The issue of The Nagasaki Express dated The house was later used for the most different purposes, e. Abercrombie also used it as his consulate, etc. Partly damaged by the atomic bomb explosion, the Alt House was rented out after the war and served as a makeshift apartment block for as many as six families until finally being sold to Nagasaki City in , refurbished and incorporated into the new Glover Garden in September as one of the great tourist attractions. William and Elisabeth Alt had eight children, their first daughter Mabel was born in Nagasaki in - altogether there were six daughters and two sons.

The first four children were born in Japan and the remaining ones in GB. They stayed only eighteen months before moving on to the settlement of Yokohama. Thus in William Alt left Japan, never to return, carrying riches gleaned from trade and one of the finest collections of Japanese art ever to reach British shores. The Alt family settled in a mansion in Surrey, near Chertsey, and William spent the rest of his life in affluent semi-retirement.

During his latter years he suffered from bronchial troubles and bought a villa at Rapallo, Italy, where the Alt family spent nearly every winter and spring. William died there in at the age of 68 and the villa was sold shortly after William's death in November Soon after they moved to London and purchased a house in Kensington. Elisabeth continued to live in London until she died there in Ausgabe — Issue of Unten links auf der Marke ist das Alt Haus mit Hortensien.

Centered at top across both stamps is Ringer House with roses. Below it on the left stamp is Alt House with hydrangeas. Er heiratete Catherine Miller, Tochter von G. Miller , geboren in Liverpool. Miller, wohnhaft in Yokohama Bluff gelistet; von bis wohnten sie in Yokohama Andersen ohne Ehemann, der vermutlich in diesem Jahr verstarb. Andersen, heiratete Catherine Andersen geb. Miller Emil Junker etwa um Sie starb im Urlaub in Dresden am His profession was Captain coming from Norway.

He married Catherine Miller, daughter of G. Miller , born in in Liverpool. Andersen moved in to Kobe A where she founded a small firm as Milliner and Dressmaker. In the next year, however, she is listed only as resident in Osaka 16 staying there until and from until in 34, Nakayamate-dori, Ni-chome, Kobe. In and both are listed at 37, Yamamoto-dori, Kobe. In she is listed at the same place but without husband, most surely he died in that year.

There were 2 daughters: Karen died not long after , daughter father returned to Japan to live with her grandmother Catherine Junker in Tokyo. After the death of Captain C. She died in Dresden on Er kam zusammen mit Ernest W.

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Die Firma entwickelte sich kontinuierlich weiter und war auch noch auf dem japanischen Markt an gleicher Anschrift. He came to Japan together with Ernest W. The company developed continuously and in they acted still on the Japanese market at the same location. John's College von Cambridge. Walter Thornton, geboren Seine Frau Helen starb am 7. Leonards in Sussex, wo er im Alter von achtzig Jahren starb. Ganzsachen-Karte von Hakodate, Aufgabe John's College, Cambridge in Andrews operated the institution until May when he asked to be transferred to Hakodate for health reasons.

While in Nagasaki, Andrews and his wife Helen Patterson had two children: Louisa Andrews, sister of Walter Andrews, came to Hakodate about in in order to assist the family; she married John Batchelor in He came back to Hakodate in Walter Andrews retired in when he left Japan for GB. Postal Stationary Card from Hakodate, posted Auf der Basis dieses bilateralen Vertrags wurde am Dieses Konsulat wurde geschlossen.

Er kam im November nach Yokohama. Er war verheiratet und seine Frau Eleanora Mary d'Anethan begleitete ihn. Albert d'Anethan starb am Juli im Alter von 61 Jahren in Tokyo. Sein Grab befindet sich auf dem Zoshigaya Friedhof in Tokyo. Sein Mandat in Tokyo fiel zeitlich mit dem 1. Er kam im April in Japan an. On the basis of this bilateral treaty, a Belgian vice consulate was established in Yokohama on March 28, , headed by the Dutch businessman Maurice Lejeune.

He took up his post in Japan in November but left again in September From on, Belgium also had a consulate in Tokyo headed by Louis Strauss, a businessman from Antwerp. This consulate closed in He arrived in Yokohama in November In his tenure ended and he left Japan again. Afterwards he served his country in various capitals of Europe and America in different capacities. By , he was dean of the diplomatic corps in Tokyo till his death. Despite his tough time schedule he was also very interested in horse racing and he was a member of the Yokohama Turf Club and from to a Committee member.

His grave is located in the Zoshigaya Cemetery in Tokyo. He arrived in Japan in April Er traf am Sein Vertrag wurde zweimal bis zum Angot, arrival cancel of June 18, on reverse. He arrived in Japan on April 5, and signed a contract with this Ministry, that ran from April 11, for three years. In , an agricultural school was established in Tokyo-Komaba with a department of veterinary medicine which was transferred to the Tokyo University, Faculty of Agriculture when the university was founded in Angot was the first foreign teacher of the school at Komaba who trained military horse doctors.

He lived alone near his post, in the vicinity of the military stable at Kanda, Tokyo. His contract was twice prolonged until June 30, and he was promoted to Veterinary of the First Rank Captain. When the contract expired he left Japan for France. Antisell am Georgetown College - Announcement of a lecture by Dr. Die Kommission traf im August in Yokohama ein. Es brachte die beiden Amerikaner und ihr Gefolge sicher in den Hafen von Hakodate.

Sie machten sich erst am In einem Punkt scheint es zwischen Capron und Antisell erste unterschiedliche Auffassungen gegeben zu haben. Diese Drohung hatte offenbar die gegenteilige Wirkung. Sein Nachfolger im Kaitakushi wurde vermutlich Stanford Clark. Sein Vertrag mit der Kaitakushi endete am Just his patriotism took him far away from his homeland. After having attended Trinity College in Dublin, Antisell had made training to physician and apothecary, graduating finally in from the Royal College of Surgeons in London. After this weekly had been banned and some contributors had already been arrested, Antisell thought it better to avoid an imminent arrest.

A friend arranged for him a post as a doctor on a ship leaving for America. In the Civil War he served as a doctor in the volunteer troops of the Union. In he became senior chemist in the US Department of Agriculture.

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The Department's Commissioner at that time was Horace Capron. He took two members of his department with him: James Stuart Eldridge , the director of the department library as his secretary, and Thomas Antisell, "my mineralogist and geologist", as Capron writes. The third member of the party was Albert Gallatin Warfield, Jr. The commission arrived in Yokohama in August After a four weeks stay in Tokyo, Antisell and Warfield embarked on a small paddle steamer. The ship was always called " Vulcan " by her English captain John Wynn, although she had meanwhile been renamed Naniwa-maru.

The vessel brought the two Americans and their entourage safely to the port of Hakodate. In addition, the quality of the soil and the natural productions of the region, especially the amount and quantity of timber, should be observed, as well as the accurate volume of any peculiar water powers.

Finally, as much information as possible should be gathered as to the meteorology of the region. While work on the island had begun, Capron and Eldridge remained in Tokyo throughout the winter. There, Warfield had already begun to build a first road, which Capron called, somewhat flatteringly, "highway". Furthermore, extensive studies had meanwhile been carried out on soil conditions and climate, and seeds had been practically tested: Wheat, potatoes, bluegrass poa pratensis , apples, onions and different cabbages.

During his research he also discovered a wild hop in Iwanai and concluded in , that Hokkaido is a suitable ground of hop cultivation. He claimed that he could cultivate hop within two years. In , the Bureau of Development asked the Ministry of Finance for printing beer labels. They were printed by guidance of Thomas Antisell who colored a five ridges star as a symbol of Sapporo Breweries, then, however, in red, In one point, there seems to have been first different views between Capron and Antisell.

This would imply an "insuperable objection to its settlement" although, according to Capron's own optimistic impression, "the whole country is covered with the richest variety of wild flowers". Antisell, who had with his wife Marion twelve children equally divided between girls and boys demanded an increase of his salary, otherwise he would resign.

This threat apparently had the opposite effect. Antisell's salary was not increased; instead, the agency employed another geologist, Benjamin Smith Lyman. This way Antisell's divergent view on the climate on Japan's northernmost main island should probably be suppressed forever. Antisell's report was as clandestinely as conspicuously replaced by a more than ten year old text by William Phipps Blake. Nevertheless, Antisell remained in Japan for the proposed duration of his contract, albeit for a different activity. He was probably succeeded by Stanford Clark.

His contract with the Kaitakushi ended on March 31, and as of May 8, he worked for two further years for the Japanese Ministry of Finance as a chemist and developed new inks for the production of counterfeit-proof paper money. In the midst of he returned to his former position in the Department of Agriculture and continued to teach at various universities and colleges in the US capital. The Irish freedom fighter of his earlier years had for long become an American, like his wife and family were.

Although he kept long-standing friendships with former companions such as John Mitchel, he never again set his foot on the Green Island. He died in Washington as a highly esteemed citizen, and was buried on the Congressional Cemetery. Er war ab Karte aus Tokyo, aufgegeben am As of November 1, he worked in the Bavarian judicial service and in he passed his assessor examination.

From October 1, he worked as a lawyer in Munich and joined the Foreign Service consular career on October 7, At first he was assigned in the Embassy of Paris from August 27, to February 14, Following he serviced in Bruxelles , Madrid and London Next he was appointed envoy to Athens until December 20, followed by his new appointment to Rio de Janeiro. He took office on February 18, and he died of heart-failure still in this year.

Postcard from Tokyo, posted on The card depicts the building of the German Legation and E. Arco also sends kind regards to the addressee. The writer "Fritz" is most surely a military observer of the Russo-Japanese war. Er war nur in Japan. Nach der Abreise von den Arend wurde G. Er verlegte die Firma nach Yokohama 55 und erhielt Prokura. Simon in Berlin mit der Information seiner Adresse in Yokohama. He was an engineer and due to his knowledge, he founded a company under his name for the Representation of technical products.

In he came to Japan and opened a branch in Yokohama He represented Dutch and French Manufacturers and Distillers. He stayed in Japan only in In the building where his office was located, i. Rogers also ran his business. After the departure of den Arend G. Rogers became Managing Director of den Arend. In he shifted the company to Yokohama 55 and received the power of procuration. The Company Den Arend existed until , but the proprietor did not return to Japan. Gruss-Karte zum Neuen Jahr von Tokyo, Luigi Armani was Captain of the Italian Navy but due to illness he was dismissed as per April 16, and moved to the Navy reserve.

His office was located at Tokyo 51, Tsukiji and he stayed in Japan to New Year Greeting Postcard from Tokyo