Cosmic Storm (Galahad)

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“The most satisfying entry yet. It's a five-year space mission, so at this rate, Testa will write more volumes. Excellent.” ―Booklist on The Cassini Code. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The most satisfying entry yet. It's a five-year space mission, so at Cosmic Storm (Galahad) - Kindle edition by Dom Testa.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with that. For all great series there needs to be something that ties all of the books together, but I do not think that it was completely necessary for this series because there is so much more tying the books together. I almost find it more comforting then necessary for all of the book's covers to resemble each other.

Also, I love trying to decide what characters are on the cover for each book! My guess is from left to right Channy, Bon, Rachel, Gap. Again, this is just my guess so feel free to tell me I am dead wrong and give me your guesses in the comments! The young explorers on the space craft Galahad are now a year into their five year long mission. Already so much has gone wrong!

Just recently the teens have had to battle their way through a stream of black holes caused by the Vultures! They know the new alien species is a threat, but they do not know who is behind these alien attacks. The ship has also experienced it first casualty. Alexis, murdered by the vultures, leaves the remaining crew members in a state of shock and panic.

Not long after, Triana, the ship's leader, heads out on her own in a space pod straight into a black hole! Leaving the now crew members in the hands of Gap Lee. With the possibility of Triana not returning to the ship, the teens hold a new council leader election. All think Gap is sure to win he was always considered second in command until an unexpected person challenges Gap for the rights! To add to this mess the ship's protection shields are in Major haywire and no one can figure out why.

Not to mention Bon is having his own set of problems Remember those aliens on Titan? This section is usually saved for the main character, but you will here all about them in the "Romance" section. This is purely for the series! As with other books in this series, Dom Testa does not dissapoint! This book was just as shockingly jaw-dropping as the others!

For those who are about to, I hope you enjoy! I could only give Bon a 4 because he rarely shows any hint of emotion And this book was no exception! He clearly has his life of drama and teenage hormones, but he rarely lets anyone see them. Bon is most defiantly a very private person. Personally, I am not very pleased with Bon. Most of the time In this book he was super stressed and not at all himself. He still recieved a six because I love him anyway. As far as his love life is concerned; he needs to forget about Rachel and go for Triana for goodness sake!

Then the series just gets worse from there. But not this series!! Nothing is completely burned out in the first book so the second or third book did not have to scramble for new random crap to throw in to fill up the already worthless pages. This series is interesting from begging to end and has a positive outlook for the many other books to come. This may become just as amazing to you as it did when I first realized it.

Then think about this: There is absolutely no getting around the fact that there has been no change in the young explorers inner surroundings, yet the books are never monotonous. I find it incredible that there can be so little space yet so much volume in the series. The Great Outer Space!

Yes, I understand that it is a space book, but I am really fascinated by space and how little we really know about it. I just think it is really cool. I bet it took a lot of outer space research to make this series scientifically correct. Unfortunately, in this book, it happened alot. The characters seemed to be more in silent meditation then social interaction through the entire book.

Lets get our characters talkin'! What I mean by this is that there are already five books in the series and the voyagers are only a year into their mission.

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I really wish we could read about the teens arrival and discover how they colonize their new home. Unfortunately, that is probably not going to happen because, at this rate, it would take 25 books for them just to reach Eos! That great holiday food you only get once a year So there has to be some food you only get at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka, Easter, or some other holiday.

You really love this food, but for the rest of the year you completely forget about it. Then it is that holiday again. You eat it again and think "Wow! How did I forget how good this tastes? You pick up the book and don't really expect anything good and then you'r hooked all over again! A huge thank you to Dom Testa and his publishers who sent me the book! Sorry for the wait!

Cosmic Storm

Feb 22, Jen rated it liked it. A little too Sci-Fi for me. While this is book 5 in a series, you don't have to read the first four in order to know what's going on because author, Dom Testa gives enough background story to catch the reader up. When their Council Leader Triana disappears, the crew is faced with choosing a new one to take her place. Gap seems to be the obvious choice, being next in line and all but when an unlikely candidate is offered up, the balance of power begins to tilt. Add to that the unexplained flashes A little too Sci-Fi for me. Add to that the unexplained flashes of light, the growing hostility among the crew members, it's like a regular "Fight Club" aboard ship the engineers unable to stop the breeches in the radiation shields and the Galahad is in near chaos.

Triana's absence has an affect on each of the Council Leaders but seems to make Bon even moodier if that's even possible which only raises his "hot guy" status among the ship's female passengers. As the election draws closer, things spiral further out of control. Decisions will be made, sides chosen and the return of an old friend threatens to change everything once again. Will the Council Leaders be able to get the ship back under control, fix the problems and find Triana before it's too late?

This is a well written story about a group of teenagers who are on a mission to save the human race. There are no adults and their only guidance besides each other and the two years of training they've had is a master computer named, Roc.


The story is filled with action, adventure, humor and even romance but it has a good message too. These teens are faced with making tough choices in the midst of chaos, choices that not only affect them but others as well. Knowing this, they are forced to consider their options wisely before acting upon them. They're also dealing with grief when this book opens and they learn that navigating their way through that process is different for everyone.

Oct 26, Maria rated it it was amazing.

I must say that you have a growing fan in your midst, lol. This book was so good!! First off, let me be clear to all of our followers that this is the 5th in a series. I have never actually read books I whole-heartedly admitted this when I read the 4th book. Check out my review of that novel, The Dark Zone, here. Now, don't get me wrong, I definitely plan on reading books , but the best part about all of this, is that you don't really have to. The author, Dom Testa, d Oh, Mr.

The author, Dom Testa, does a fantastic job on filling you in on any bits and pieces that you need to follow the story. I think one of my favorite aspects of this novel is that anything can happen. Because these teenagers are in a realm of outer space that no one has ever been to, I feel like the author can make just about anything happen, and it's so much fun to get sucked into and watch.

AND, at the same time, you remember that these teenagers are just normal humans with normal emotions that provide great moments of drama to the story. In this particular book, the crew must elect a new Council Leader, and while trying to figure out the best candidate for the job, there is political back-stabbing, secrets and love. Not to mention, a cliff-hanger that will drive you nuts! LOL I am definitely a fan of these novels, and can't wait for the moment that these travelers actually reach their destination. I think Dom Testa could make these stories last practically forever, and I'll be there right alongside the entire time: Feb 07, Angela rated it really liked it.

The first thing when I check out this book Not because of the book the cover is wonderful but there was a gum wrapper, with the chew gum inside, use as a book mark! Anyway, the book was WAY better then the one before. And I got to say, I feel sorry for Gap that now, he have to deal with wait I hope they Triana is okay Their not doing to so well at all.

Oooooh, I just want to strangle Merit again for severe the bond between Gap and Hannah. It a good think he got what he deserve. And the part with Bon and his struggled with his feeling break my heart. I guess the past it the past and I think he should move on to Triana.

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Maybe as friend at first. I hope my parent let me go to the bookstore on February 18th so Dom can sign the last book. Looking forward to reading it soon. And some of Galahad's biggest mysteries are solved. Scoop it up now, and enjoy the entire saga! When the tail of the comet Bhaktul flicks through the Earth's atmosphere, deadly particles are left in its wake. Suddenly, mankind is confronted with a virus that devastates the adult population. Only those under the age of eighteen seem to be immune. Desperate to save humanity, a renowned scientist proposes a bold plan: Two years later, the spacecraft Galahad and its crew -- none over the age of sixteen -- is launched.

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I'm often asked why I write under a variety of pen names see Buster Blank above. It's because I love writing in so many different genres, and the result could be very confusing for some. So, if you happen to see a book or three floating around by someone named Harlan Plumber, you should know that Harlan is me. This collection of short fiction is named after the lead story, Wednesday , which I actually wrote about 25 years ago.

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