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  • Spoiler alert for a year-old pilot. But the real punch, the thing that separates The Shield from all the other cop dramas before it, happens next: Vic, who leads his own little criminal gang composed of fellow cops Shane Vendrell Walton Goggins , Curtis Lemansky Kenny Johnson , and Ronnie Gardocki David Rees Snell in order to get their tough jobs done while taking a cut for themselves, opts to fatally shoot the outsider Crowley and frame a suspect for the deed.

    That bold storytelling approach led to the series becoming a breakout hit. Another spoiler alert for a year-old finale.

    Crowley meets his maker early on, Lemansky is killed by Shane when it appears as if Lem has turned on their team, and the resulting guilt along with the guilt from their other nefarious deeds causes Shane to take the lives of his family and himself. Vic, on the other hand, cuts a deal with higher-ups, one that lands Ronnie in handcuffs while Vic himself walks away scot free. Mackey even manages to parlay his deal into a job with ICE.

    Mackey, whose own family has been relocated by witness protection to keep them safe from him, as well , is resigned to a desk job, forced to wear a suit and tie, and forbidden from carrying his firearm for at least three years, or else he loses any privileges of his deal. Made him an offer, almost took it. The network knew Chiklis for his even-tempered roles in The Commish and Daddio For his The Shield audition, he shaved his head.


    Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved October 25, Valerie 1 episode, Rodrigo 1 episode, Vanessa 7 episodes,

    He came in with this shaved head and his biceps, and he just chewed through the scene. He blew us away. Claudette Wyms was Charles Wyms in the original script.

    Pounder asked that Wyms' masculine dialogue not be changed at all. In a season three episode, Chiklis threw himself into actual East L.